As a baby of the 80’s, I was a child who grew up with Play-Doh and Hasbro. As a mom, it has been such a pleasure to get to introduce my own children to these brands, and to some of the latest and greatest updates to things I played with as a child. Recently, I was asked to review the  Cars 2 Mold ‘N Go Speedway from Play-Doh/Hasbro. First of all…what an honor..Secondly, this play-set seriously rivals the Mop Top Hair Shop I had as a child in overall fun! My kids are LOVING this toy! (They are happily playing with it now as I write this!)

Look at everything this super fun play-set comes with!

This toy combines several of my children’s favorite things….Cars and Play-Doh! Your child will have the chance to create and race Play-Doh versions of Lightning McQueen and Francesco ( a new character from Cars 2) around the enclosed track. They can use a little fun factory Mater to squeeze out fun shapes. (He’s been making spaghetti here all morning!) Your child can create custom car parts to add to their race cars, pump Play-Doh gas, and create other characters from enclosed molds.

Having fun with Mater!

Using a fun mold to make Francesco!

Need some gas?

Hannah’s version of Lightning McQueen! (Well, one of her versions! She had fun making LOTS of Lightning McQueens!)

There is something magical about Play-Doh. It sparks creativity….it cures boredom…it brings kids together….I am a huge fan of toys that require a child bring part of themselves to playtime…toys that ask the child to join in and use their imagination. Play-Doh invites creativity into a child’s life, and gives them endless possibilities for play. (In the hour my children have been playing, Lightning McQueen has had a big race, saved a town, opened a spaghetti shop, and had who knows how many different looks!) My kids have been quietly playing for well over an hour with the Play-Doh Cars 2 Mold ‘N Go Speedway…not fighting…not watching tv…just enjoying a fun toy and using their imagination to make it come to life. Sounds like a great investment to me. Why not check out for yourself all of the super fun playsets and toys that Play-Doh has to offer. With affordable prices and a huge line of products, you are sure to find something your own little Play-Doh enthusiast will love (and there are also some fun games and online activities your child will enjoy!) Check out their website HERE! I encourage you to connect with Play-Doh on Facebook as well! Stay informed of their latest product offerings and creative ideas!  I hope you will keep your eyes out for the new Play-Doh Cars 2 Mold ‘N Go Speedway at a store near you! Your child is SURE to love using Play-Doh to enjoy some of their favorite Disney characters! Thank you Play-Doh and Hasbro for allowing me to share a piece of my childhood with my own children!