Welcome back to Day 2 of the Summer with Supermom Series! Today I have a SUPER SIMPLE idea for you to enjoy a few moments with your kids! Like I said, over the summer, I will be posting one idea each day to get you involved with your kids…Let’s make this a summer they will remember and cherish!

Day Two

Activity: Ice Cream Cones!!

Suitable For: 2+
Skills: (This one’s not really about having a “teachable moment”…just about enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures!)
How To: Whether it’s 90 degrees and sweltering, or a dreary 60 degrees at your house, remind yourself that you don’t need to wait for the cheerful monotony of the ice cream man…..grab a cone, your favorite flavor of ice cream, and scoop away! Kids of all ages LOVE ice cream cones….There is something special and almost magical about that tasty little scoop of frozen goodness…Ice cream not only tastes better on a cone (don’t ask me how), but ice cream becomes an “experience” when on a cone. A regular afternoon is suddenly something special when mom pulls out the box of cones. Whether you make it yourself, or simply serve up some Dreyers, your kids are sure to enjoy a summer cone.

Extensions: Last summer, I wrote a fun post called, “Ode to the Ice Cream Cone,” in which I talked about a bunch of fun things you can do with ice cream cones! I hope you’ll stop and check it out for more fun ideas to use with your kids this summer! (It includes recipes for Cupcake Cones and Home-made Drumsticks!!) YUM!

Examples:I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pics of a couple of my favorite kids enjoying some ice cream!