Welcome back to a belated Monday edition of The Confessional. Each week, one brave parent steps into The Confessional here at Chasing Supermom, and releases their parenting sin and shame into the world, letting the rest of us breathe just a bit easier each week, as we realize we are NOT alone in our so-called “mistakes,” “short-cuts”, and other assorted parenting faux- pas. Every single one of us stumbles. We all have  bad days. No one has it all together. I spent so much of my life feeling like I was always struggling to catch up to everyone else…like every other mother was probably doing a better job than me…That’s where my blog started from, and from that place of vulnerability, I started The Confessional….Sit back, grab that iced tea and let it sink in (down deep to your core) that you are doing a great job….that you are not the only one….that I (and everyone else) don’t have it all together. Read, and find that release.

Please contact me if YOU would like to confess. I need to fill the summer Sundays! To check out the archives, click HERE.

This week’s confessor is a full-time working mother, and I know that I related to several of her confessions this week! Thanks so much for doing this Virginia!! You rock!

Father forgive me…

Since I need to be at work no later than 5am right now Monday through Friday I let my son get up, have a snack for breakfast (dry cereal and juice) and turn on the Disney Channel. This gives my husband an extra hour or so before he has to get up and get him ready for school.

I put my daughter to bed when I’m just drained. After a long day climbing all over aircraft and putting out fires and an evening of a 1.5 year old climbing on me every second that I’m seated gets old. Most nights she is in bed no later than 7pm even if she isn’t completely tired yet.

I don’t bathe my kids every night. Lets face it my son with Asperger’s makes certain things just a horrible experience at times. Some nights I just don’t want to push the bath issue let alone the hair washing issue so I give him a pass. Unless he is covered in something I can just wipe him off and its all good.

I don’t force dinner. If the kids are done, then they are done. I don’t want to fight it so if they want an apple instead yeah its healthy and I just don’t care.

My son was night time potty trained before the move, now not so much. This is one area that we just haven’t had the energy or patience to deal with lately. He tries but how many times do we want to wash pee soaked sheets in a week?

I laugh at my kids, a lot! Sometimes its either laugh or get frustrated and the laughing is just better for all of our sanity.

Finally, I am the man of the house. I work full time, watch all the sports on tv and work around large aircraft and play rec league ice hockey. My kids are doomed! They are going to think all moms are like this!