Ever have one of those days where you crawl into bed at night feeling like you are the lousiest mom in the world? Do you sometimes think that you are the ONLY parent to skip baths, let veggie eating slide, or the only one that does their kids’ homework for them? Friend, you have come to the right place….My mission at Chasing Supermom is to get mothers back to reality and help them realize that they are not alone in their daily struggles, and that NONE OF US are perfect. Each week in The Confessional, one brave parent steps up and bares their soul to the blogosphere….allowing us to find relief…validation…forgiveness. If you’re new here, I recommend checking out The Confessional Archives.

I “met” today’s confessor, Denise on Twitter, where she is better known as @SassyHomemaker. I am loving her confessions today, and am thrilled she wanted to participate! Show her blog, http://www.thesassyhomemaker.com some love today! Ready to feel exonerated? Let’s roll…

Father forgive me….

I throw my kids’ artwork and old toys away while they’re at school. Most of the time they forget
they ever owned it, but if they happen to remember and ask me where their priceless picture/
project/broken toy is, I tell them I don’t know. It’s not exactly a lie. Once their junk hits the
dumpster, I have no idea exactly where it is anymore.

I pretend I can’t hear the kids when they call out for water after I’ve sent them to bed for the 4th
time. They’re old enough to get their own water. And I’m done mommying for the night.

I start out every summer with grand plans of making the kids go outside to play, limiting
computer and TV time, and generally being a good mother. About a week in, I retreat to my
room, a quivering mass of anxiety, desperate for some quiet, alone time. I stop making them
do stuff, because that means I have to supervise them doing stuff, and the thought of a whole
summer of trying to entertain/discipline/organize my kids stresses me out.

I’m relieved when the kids want to hang out at their friends’ houses, because that means my
house will be quieter and cleaner and I won’t have to feed the whole neighborhood lunch. For
some reason, though, their friends always seem to want to hang out here, instead. Probably
because I’m a bad mom who will let them play Wii all day just to keep them out of my hair.

I took my kids to the water park this week. It’s bad enough I have to hang out at the Tadpole
Pool the whole time with my youngest, but it’s adding insult to injury that I have to do so while
baring my cellulite and fat rolls to the world. I needed a new swimsuit because all of my old
ones were too small (which has nothing to do with the last part of this paragraph). So I went
shopping, even though I would rather have been walking on hot coals. When I finally found a
suit that was less horrid than all the others, I was so relieved that I celebrated at In-n-Out with a
cheeseburger (animal style), fries AND a strawberry shake. Hey, destroying your self esteem in
the ladies’ changing room is thirsty work.
Denise Howard blogs about all things homemaking at www.thesassyhomemaker.com and keeps
at personal blog at http://denefu.blogspot.com . She really does love her kids. Really.


Please let me know if YOU would like to confess! I am booking for the summer!

Until next week my friends, you are forgiven.