When my husband and I got married, my mother in law hosted a Pampered Chef bridal shower for me (across the country!), and I wound up with boxes and boxes of fabulous products from Pampered Chef…what a way to start off my new married life! Ever since then, I have been absolutely in love with Pampered Chef…(it’s about the only product “party” I’ll go to when invited!)

Pampered Chef offers INCREDIBLE cooking, baking, and serving products that you just can’t find anywhere else. I wanted to introduce you to some of my very favorite Pampered Chef products, and give you a chance to purchase something from my online party! When you add an item to your cart and are ready to check out, please enter “Bekki Lindner” as your host.

Meet the apple corer, peeler, slicer! This super fun and handy tool saves my life! I married a man who loves apple pie, and this little gadget (which stores very nicely in a small box), not only peels and cores my apples, but slices them up as well! In just a few minutes, you can have a dozen apples ready to go! BUY ONE!

You can’t have apple pie without a deep dish pie plate! This is my all-time favorite pie plate…I use it for all of my fruit pies, and chicken pot pie as well! (I have a triple berry pie in mine right now!) Pampered Chef has the best selection of stoneware, and I just love it.

Speaking of awesome stoneware….meet the pizza stone! You can do a ton of things with this large stone….pizzas, breads, cookies…We love it for our homemade pizza. Buy one!

I absolutely adore the Quik-Stir Pitcher! My daughter became able to make juice for our family at just two years old…No more desperately trying to break up frozen concentrate, or fussing with clumps of pulp or drink powder…Just pump the handle and let the pitcher do the work for you! (I also make pudding in my pitcher!) This comes in two sizes, family size as shown, and a regular. Buy one!

I have a serious fear of opening cans…I am always super afraid I will cut myself on the lid..(been there…it was awful!) I’m even more scared as my children are always in the kitchen with me! Enter the smooth-edge can opener! You will never have to worry about the sharp lid again with this handy gadget! I have seen this in action and am amazed every time…NO sharp edges! Buy one!

I am in love with my micro-cooker! Not only does this thing perfectly steam your veggies without having to mess with boiling water and that precarious little basket, BUT, you can also use this to cook ground beef for tacos, nachos, etc. (a little trick I learned at a PC party) For just $11 you can’t beat this thing! Buy one!

This next little gadget is something I’m hoping to buy this time around…the cut-n-seal! My kids are always asking for those overpriced pre-made crustless sandwiches…$4 a box for 4 sandwiches..no thank you! BUT, with this handy little tool, you can quickly and easily cut the crusts off your child’s sandwich and seal it up like a little pb and j ravioli! These are awesome…I’ve seen them in action, and think this would be super fun to help me with next year’s round of sack school lunches! Buy one!

If you would like to purchase one of these products, or any of the other amazing products offered by Pampered Chef click HERE! If you’ve never seen Pampered Chef, I encourage you to browse around the site…They’ve got everything from stoneware casseroles, to spice rubs, to everything you need to run your backyard grill! When you place items in your cart and are ready to place your order, please enter “Bekki Lindner” as your host!

The online show will close on July 11th! Make sure to get your orders in! Thank you so much for shopping with us, and I’m excited for you to try out Pampered Chef! One lucky shopper (who places an order) will also win a free gift!! Thanks for helping me out! Have fun shopping!