Sunday…confession time…Here’s one for you…I did NOT feel like posting this today! What a whirlwind week it has been around here! With so much going on at our house and with a long week of children’s ministry in front of me, sitting down to post was not high on my priority…Then I started to think….Don’t we all have days like this? Days where we aren’t running on all cylinders and the tasks and chores to be done seem to taunt us? That’s what The Confessional is all about…a true to life glimpse of what motherhood is REALLY all about….the ins and outs and ups and downs…the things they don’t write inside of Hallmark cards or tell you at birthing class…Every day is not magical, and you may not always feel as though your child is a blessing from above. (And by the way, it is OKAY to feel that way…)!

So, if you’re having a long day too, sit back, and allow yourself a few minutes to identify with and relate to another mother…A mother brave enough to let you in on a few of her confessions…those things we ALL do that we aren’t super proud of. What we don’t realize is that we all do these things…As we share with each other, we begin to gain some validation and forgive ourselves….allowing ourselves to be HUMAN…We’ll make mistakes….We’ll fail…BUT, at the end of the day, we love our kids…fiercely…and that is all that matters.

Today’s confessor is one of my Twitter friends. (Come find me on Twitter btw!) She is the author of the blog, Happiness Delivered. Check it out!

Here we go!

Father forgive me….

1. I don’t always feed my kids a full, healthy meal.
-So time isn’t always on my side. I don’t always have endless hours to finish chores around the house, errands and take kids to their outside the home activities. So as a Mom on the go, they may not always get a full, hot breakfast, or a healthy lunch and dinner. I do allow them snacks when we are busy running around town. Are they unhealthy little kids? No, not at all. They’re healthy, rambunctious boys who have grown and keep growing with no major issues.

2. I sometimes skip bedtime stories because…..I’m just too tired.
-Just like with meal time, by the time it’s bedtime story time I’m exhausted. Sometimes all I can think about is washing the makeup off my face ,brush my teeth and relax in my own space, because God knows I can never just fall fast asleep. Unless of course I have a migraine that has taken over me. So after baths and brushing teeth I sometimes tell the kids to lay in bed and watch a DVD until they fall asleep. Though I do feel terrible about it as I lay in bed, my kids don’t hold it against me and they do still learn very well. My oldest son actually can read 7-8year old books and he’s only 5, just going into Kindergarten.

3. I sometimes allow my kids to watch more tv than normal.
-No, I’m not using TV as a babysitter. I allow my kids to watch “kid appropriate” shows, but I do sometimes allow them to watch shows more than usual. Yes, I know it’s not the best thing for children, but there have been times when I’ve had to get something done and having them sit quietly in front of a TV is sometimes the easiest and safest thing for me to do. At least I know what they are doing, what they are watching and not killing eachother. Right?

4. I don’t always lead by example. I yell, I spank, I threaten and I get frustrated.
-My kids are not angels and they definitely have their own personalities. They don’t like rules, they don’t like to be told and they want to do things on their own time. We all get in funks and do something “out of character” or not “Mom like”. So what!? I know I’m an awesome Mom, I care for my children and take care of them. I will still do anything for my kids and will guard them through it all! They know I mean well and they know right from wrong…well, most of the time. I often sit with them and tell them why I yelled, why I spanked or why I’m frustrated. As long as I told them in a honest manner, that’s all that matters.

5. Sometimes I’d rather give myself a time out, instead of my kids! It seems so much easier. I don’t fuss about it. I don’t kick and scream. I quietly go my way and huddle in front of my laptop in the comfort and quiet of my own retreat!


Thanks so much Melanie! If YOU would like to confess, please contact me!! I’m booking for the summer!