When I started The Confessional earlier this year, I had no idea what would happen…29 weeks later I am so thrilled to see my dream coming true…The Confessional is a weekly feature where women can find ever-elusive validation and recognize that they are not the only mother who has short-cuts…who makes mistakes…who does things they wouldn’t broadcast on a t-shirt. (Although I do think “My kid ate Fritos for breakfast today” would make an AWESOME shirt…) I allow one parent each Sunday to open up and free themselves of all of their parenting guilt and shame. Admitting that we are REAL frees not only ourselves, but so many others…We hold such ridiculous expectations..standards NO ONE can live up to…Let’s get real ladies…I would LOVE to have YOU confess! I would love to fill up July and August, and need volunteers! Let me know if you’d like to confess! Check out the archives HERE.

Today’s confessor is one of my absolute favorite people in the whole world. She is not only my amazing aunt (who would do anything in the world for me), but a great mom of three kids. She is awesome, and I love her so much! You will LOVE her confessions today! Ready? Here we go!

Father forgive me..

1. I hate mating socks, so don’t look behind my couch cushions when you come over…people just say it’s a really comfy couch but I know it’s just all the sock cushioning it

2. I drink coffee from mugs and leave them in my car…it’s not unusual to find 5-6 empty coffee mugs with molding creamer in my car….I think my max is 30 though and I’m not proud of this

3. I fill the expensive cereal boxes with the cheap generic cereal and the kids don’t know the difference

4. I don’t know how to use ANY of the TV remotes in my house and it drives my kids crazy..they think I need to take a class on this

5. I perform crazy songs for “family” birthday parties to embarrass the birthday person including costumes

6. My garage is a disaster because I keep to much crap…I usually only open it at night when you can’t see inside and I’ve never been able to park a car in there…even a bike wouldn’t fit.

7. I make sweets and hide them so my kids can’t find them..otherwise they would be gone

8. I like to sleep in so my kids barely get out the door with a piece of toast or a granola bar….not proud of this either, especially when they spend the night with their friends and brag about the 4 course meals that the mom prepared

9. I hate ironing so if one of my kids is wearing a jacket or sweater with a shirt, I only iron the front or throw it in the dryer and hope for the best

10. If we run out of toilet paper i have been known to put left over birthday napkins on the back of the toilet tank instead of just quickly running across the street to safeway.