Monsters have been sleeping with my children for weeks now! Brightly colored whimsical creatures with a love of learning have been seen cozying up to my kids day and night. What is a mom to do? This mom is happily smiling and taking in the joy of my children with their brand new, Alphabeasts!

Dreamed up by two fathers, Alphabeasts are cute and cuddly alphabet monsters. The team behind the Alphabeasts has worked hard to create a team of special creatures,  and desire to use these stuffed friends to not only teach children the alphabet, but teamwork and togetherness as well. Each of the 26 lovable friends has a unique “ability” and story (and they love to work and play together!), as well as the truly special talent of capturing a child’s imagination and developing their interest in the alphabet. Each of these plush pals is reversible, featuring the capital letter on one side, and the lowercase letter on the other.

Pictured above is Hoptom, the friend that has become my son Henry’s faithful bedtime companion. Henry was thrilled to have a stuffed animal that had an “H” for Henry (and to top it off, it is his favorite color as well!) My daughter was blessed with Lackyloo, this adorable pink and purple friend that represents her last name. She LOVES Lackyloo and cuddles with him nearly every night.

Both children have used their Alphabeast as a cuddly friend, and as a comfy pillow to rest on. These stuffed Alphabeasts are super-soft, machine washable, and very well made. They retail for just $20, and can be purchased on the Alphabeasts website, along with books featuring each of the alphabet monsters! These would make an adorable room decoration, if you chose to spell out your child’s name, a fun way to teach letters to your preschool or kindergarten class (or child!), or simply a fun plush pal for your child to snuggle with at night! I encourage you to head on over to the Alphabeasts website and check out their entire line of plush pals and books!

*I was not compensated or paid for this review, although I received a sample of the products. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.*