Welcome back to The Confessional everyone. I started this fun weekly feature with the hopes that it would allow ourselves the freedom to be who we are as mothers….in all our “I make lots of mistakes” glory. I wanted us to see that we really are not the only mom who stumbles…that NO ONE has it all together. Ever catch sight of another mom at the park, at church, at the PTA meeting and WISH you were her? She doesn’t have it all together. Promise. EVERY mom I’ve spoken with has secrets….shortcuts…and says and does things they wish they didn’t. We are REAL. We’re all just doing the best we can…chasing “Supermom.”

This summer has been a difficult time to fill The Confessional, so today I am giving you a “best of” Confessional post..pulling some of my all-time favorite Confessions for you. (If you would like to write a Confessional post for me, PLEASE let me know!! Click HERE to let me know when you’d like to confess!) Ready to feel better about yourself? Here we go!

Father forgive me…

My daughter picked out a box of Lucky Charms at the grocery store…There is maybe a bowl’s worth left in the box…She hasn’t eaten any of it.

I have been known to get a big bag of Dibs ice cream bits, giving the kids some, then having the rest for myself.. and then tell the kids when they ask for some the next day.. “sorry, that was all there was…”…. ;

I’ve used baby wipes to “mop” my kitchen floor.

On occasion my five-year-old daughter will have no clean underwear so I will slap on some of her brothers Spiderman underoos and send her on her way.

Recently I took my son on a trip to the grocery store with me. I noticed half-way through my shopping that he had taken several large bites out of the brick of cheese. I put it back and got a new one….

About once a month I just take a day where I don’t do much & tell my Hubby I had an
awful headache or not feeling well just so he will take care of the kids & nightly duties so
I can relax & “feel better”

I’ve let my son pee at the park before because he had to go really bad & I didn’t want to walk all the way home.

My husband has a “lay around the house” shirt that I despise…I will often just keep washing it, or just put it in the hamper over and over so that he can’t wear it. (hope he doesn’t read this post..)

Last week I was supposed to bring in a homemade dessert for a school function. I really didn’t feel like making anything so I went to Trader Joe’s and bought a cheesecake. Then I took it out of the box and put it on a spring-form pan bottom, smeared caramel sauce on the top, and then shook some nuts on it. When I dropped it off everyone said how great it looked and commended me on making such a nice dessert. I just said thanks.

My kids often wear their coats (and sometimes hats) even when they are home because I don’t like the sound of the heaters running.

Thank you so much to the myriad of brave ladies who helped to write today’s post! I LOVE love love interacting with my readers in this way each week, and look forward to new Confessionals. Please let me know if you’d like a chance to free yourself of some of your crazy mom guilt and breathe a little easier, knowing that somewhere out there, another lady is going, “Oh thank god! Someone else does that too!” Love you guys.

Until next week, go and sin no more. You are forgiven.