Happy Summer! With all of the sunshine, family vacations, fairs and festivals, finding parents to guest for me in The Confessional has been a bit tricky this summer! As  I did last week,  I am giving you a “best of” Confessional post..pulling some of my all-time favorite Confessions for you. (If you would like to write a Confessional post for me, PLEASE let me know!! Click HERE to let me know when you’d like to confess!) Writing a post for The Confessional is easier than you may think…and oh so freeing! So many people come together on Sunday here at our little confessional and breathe sweet sighs of relief…Grab your iced tea, sit back, and prepare to release that crazy guilt we hold onto so tightly!  Ready to feel better about yourself? Here we go!

  1. The worst time of day for me is 5:00pm on days my husband works late.  I am snappy with my kids, emotional, and prone to yelling.  A few days ago, Ben looked at me and said, “Mom, you need to go to bed.”  It was so true.
  2. I put a couple of Barbie DVDs in the bottom of a paper bag and then covered them up with my clothes that were being donated to the local elementary school garage sale.
  3. I’m big fan of reading to my girls, but when they were younger, I’d just read whatever was nearby. The first book I read to them was Dante’s Inferno. We also read many issues of Cosmo cover to cover. Really, does the subject of the book matter when they’re babies?
  4. I tell everyone that we don’t watch too much TV because kids need to be engaged but as I type this the boys are watching TV so I can waste time on the computer.
  5. I change outfits every two days. Even though my wardrobe is composed of black leggings, jeans, two sweaters, and some shirts in shades of grey, I just can’t get it together enough to mix-and-match for seven different outfits in a week. If I have plans with the same person two days in a row that really throws me off.
  6. Recently, as I was changing my son’s diaper, he peed all over me…the hem of my jeans was soaking…I had places to go that afternoon…and I went right ahead and just wore the pee pants…
  7. You know the little “fillers” they have in-between shows on the kid channels? The other day there was some kid music video about groundhogs…I found myself going, “Hmm..that bald guy is sorta cute…” and then I realize it was freaking Steve from Blue’s Clues…oh the shame…
  8. A neighbor asked me to help her teach an art discovery class for our kindergartners. I shocked us both by telling her I’d rather poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick.
  9. I’m really bad about washing my kid’s sheets…REALLY bad. For example, we moved at the beginning of January, and I know of only 2-3 times that I’ve washed my son’s crib sheets since we’ve moved.

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