I don’t know about you, but if I can find a game or activity that engages my children and their mind, I am one happy mama! I was so thrilled to review the Busy Bug Count and Match Dominoes from Manhattan Toy!

Your children will go “buggy” over these bug-themed dominoes, and you will love the many opportunities for learning that come so naturally through game-play. This educational game also comes with a handy “habitat” storage case, which will allow you to quickly and easily pick up and keep track of your dominoes! (Thank the Lord for good storage!) This game features 27 brightly colored (and adorable!) dominoes. The dominoes feature the numbers 1-7 (perfect for young learners!) and each sport a different color and bug. I love the many different ways your children have to match up these dominoes. If your child is very young, you can teach them to make their matches based on color. Older children can use the bug pictures and/or numbers to help them make their matches. As you play this game with your kids, you will find so many natural teachable moments. Your child will begin to use reason and logic as they work to figure out what their best move will be, or how to make the dominoes link together. Older children begin to think about how a placement will affect their next turn. Dominoes are truly the perfect vehicle for learning. With the Busy Bug Count and Match Dominoes, you can work on colors, numbers, matching, patterning, science, reason, strategy…SO many opportunities for learning…plus..they are fun!!

These dominoes are high quality as well! The dominoes are wooden, and are definitely kid-proof! These will stand up to even the toughest of toddlers!

I loved the way my 3 and 5 year old worked TOGETHER to play this game. They forgot about “winning” and “losing” and simply wanted to help each other make their matches. We have had this game for several weeks now, and they have not tired of it. Sometimes we play by the rules, and others, we simply work together to see if we can make all of the dominoes connect. This morning, H & H wanted to see if they could connect the dominoes into a square. It was so fun to see their minds work, as we ended up with 2 extra, and they had to figure out how to revise their plan and make them fit! Their little minds were working all while they were having so much fun!

Manhattan Toy carries a FULL line of incredible educational toys for children. They have everything from games to dolls, to puppets and building sets. There is something for every child and every budget over at Manhattan Toy! You can find the Busy Bug Count and Match Dominoes HERE, or at a specialty store near you! You will definitely want to head on over to the Manhattan Toy website, as they are offering FREE SHIPPING on any order, now through August 31st!! Just enter promo code: TRAVELTOY. You can also keep up with Manhattan Toy through Facebook and Twitter! (Stay up to date with their latest product offerings and specials!!)

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