If you’ve been a Chasing Supermom reader for awhile now, you know that I have a serious love affair with my crockpot. I adore it. I would snuggle it if it were just a bit more cuddly. =) On winter days it provides such a sense of comfort and warmth…Who doesn’t love a stew or a roast that has been simmering away all day? BUT, so often, people forget about their crockpots in the summer months, when really, the crockpot can be your best friend when it is sweltering! (Want to see more of my crockpot recipes? Click HERE to check them out!)

I hate to turn my oven on when it is hot outside! I tire of grilling and cold sandwiches….Crockpot to the rescue! You CAN serve your family a hot meal without baking yourself in your kitchen! Today I have a SUPER easy recipe for you! (And you probably have ALL of the ingredients in your pantry already, especially if you follow my guide for “A Well Stocked Pantry.”)

Ready to make my Crazy-Easy Crockpot Chili?! Here is what you’ll need!

1/2 lb -1 lb. of thinly sliced steak (I got a package of pre-sliced steak from the store!)

2 cans of diced tomatoes (I used one can with the juice, and drained the other can and just used the tomatoes)

1 can of corn (juice and all)

2 cans diced green chiles

1 can chili beans (Do not rinse or drain! Chili beans are nicely seasoned with great spices and tomato flavors!)

1 packet of chili seasoning

Simply dump all of the ingredients into your crockpot and cook on low heat for 6-8 hours. Sit back and let your house begin to smell like a fiesta! This meal takes about 5 minutes to put together, and is SO good! I love easy and family pleasing recipes. This recipe is certainly part of the Chasing Supermom Trifecta (Cheap, Easy, and The Kids Will Eat It!)

I hope you enjoy Crazy-Easy Crockpot Chili!!