With school right around the corner, we find ourselves stocking up on crayons, spiral notebooks, and glue sticks. We shop for all the latest back to school fashions. But in the midst of all our back to school shopping, have you ever stopped to think about packing lunches? Think about it…Stop and consider just how many baggies you go through each week…One for the sandwich. Another for the celery sticks. One for the crackers. Multiply that number by however many lunches you pack each day….It’s a lot right? Wouldn’t you love it if there was a greener way to pack lunches? A way to reduce the amount of baggies being thrown into the trash each day? (And a way to save you money in the long run?!)

I am so excited to introduce you to Re-Usies!! A Re-Usie is a reusable sandwich bag that you can use time and time again! Made from 100% cotton and lined with a water-resistant nylon, these innovative products keep food safe while protecting the planet and your pocketbook! The Re-Usies come in TONS of cute fabrics and styles, and two different sizes. You can buy the snack size, which is perfect for a half sandwich, crackers, etc. or the sandwich size which is just right for a full sandwich or a larger portion of snack.

Re-Usies can be purchased HERE (from Lullaby Organics...I LOVE them!)They are currently on sale for just $5.99 for the sandwich size, and just $3.99 for the snack size! What a deal!!!

Lullaby Organics is also offering a great deal on an awesome water bottle (completely BPA free!) for kids, called the Klean Kanteen! For just $9.95 (on sale now!) you can get the 12 0z Klean Kanteen which is perfect for sending your child’s drink to school! What an upgrade from the thermos we used to carry in our lunchbox!!

This stainless steel water bottle is completely free of toxins and chemicals, from the inside out! There is no need to worry about any toxins harming your child or tainting their drinks! You can select a loop top, sports cap, or sippy top adapter. They also come in several different colors. Check out the different Klean Kanteens that Lullaby Organics carries HERE.

Meet the Lunchbots! These items are so popular that they have already sold out from the AMAZING store I was reviewing them for! (PLEASE go check out Lullaby Organics!!!!)

These handy little stainless steel containers are perfect for packing lunches! The Lunchbots Uno is the perfect size for your child’s sandwich or snack wrap. The Duo and the Pico(pictured above) are great for packing veggies, crackers, cheese…you name it! As a former teacher, I know just how many baggies were tossed in our trash can each day…With Lunchbots, you can do your part to keep our earth healthy and clean by reducing lunch waste! These are easy to care for…dishwasher safe!, and are made to last! Think about all the money you’ll save on baggies! The Lunchbots fit perfectly inside of any lunchbox or bag, and are great to take with you on the go as well! You can buy the Lunchbots HERE.

Take advantage of the MASSIVE sale going on at Lullaby Organics today! ALL of their feeding supplies are 40-50% off!! You will want to act fast, because when these items are gone…they are gone! Stock up on some amazing organic products for your back to school lunch needs today! Help out a wonderful (local!) company and love your kids and your planet by purchasing some green lunch items today!

Check out all of Lullaby Organics feeding supplies HERE! Shop today!!