Welcome back to an all-new Confessional! If you’re new to this exciting weekly feature, I urge (nay..implore) you to check out The Confessional Archives. We all NEED a little dose of reality every once in awhile…that gentle reminder that no one is perfect, and the recognition that it is OKAY to be frazzled, tired, and worn-out. You may want to repeat that to yourself in the mirror in the mornings…or a little something like this, a la Stuart Smalley..”I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And gosh darn it, my kids are going to live through me!” That’s really the bottom line ladies…Your kids WILL survive…The world will continue despite the Cheerios ground into your carpet. The Earth will keep spinning even if you wear pajama pants to the grocery store. Your kids will not become highschool dropouts if you let them watch more than an hour or two of tv a day. Your kids will not become obese if you let them eat a Lunchable….I started this feature because we are all trying to live up to some crazy expectation of motherhood that is not ever going to be achievable…Supermom does not exist! BUT, we do! We’re perfectly imperfect, and doing the best we can. Ladies, I love ya, and I’m so grateful for those of you who step up to do this each week!

This week’s confessor is “Mommyholic.” She’s an up and coming mom blogger, who  has started her own YouTube channel! Check it out! (Mommyholic’s YouTube channel!) Help her out and give her some views!! I am so grateful for her willingness to step up and confess! This takes some bravery and crazy vulnerability, and I’m always so proud to stand beside the other moms out there willing to lay it all on the line (all in the sake of mommy solidarity!) We are all in this together ladies! Sit back, relax, and get ready to relate!! Let the validation wash over you….

Father forgive me…


  1. I’m tired all the time… but it’s not because my kiddo doesn’t sleep through the night. I just really enjoy the quiet time after he goes to bed, so I stay up way too late (usually on the computer) and I NEED a nap to get through the next day.
  2. I’m a life-long procrastinator. I thought maybe becoming a mom would give me motivation to change, but so far it hasn’t happened. Maybe I should work on that. Maybe tomorrow.
  3. I kind of get a kick out of it when my baby starts to cry. I know, that sounds awful, and I’m pretty sure that I’m supposed to have some sort of sympathetic, emotional reaction… but I think it’s pretty cute when his little lip starts to curl under and his cheeks get all squishy.
  4. My kiddo is going to grow up thinking it’s ok to grab things out of someone’s hands without asking…. because I do it to him on a regular basis. If he has something that is dangerous (or I just don’t want him putting in his mouth – like the water bill, for example), I just walk over and take it from him. I usually don’t bother to ask or explain.
  5. My house is a secret disaster. Only secret because before I let anyone come over, I clean like a mad woman (see #2). But in real life (when it’s just us here) there are always dirty dishes in the sink, dirty laundry on the floor, and toys… everywhere.
  6. I’m a sort of obsessive about milestones. I like to read those books and websites and see how my kid compares. If he’s “falling behind” or if a friend’s kid can do something he can’t (age adjusted, of course), it stresses me out. No disclaimer about every baby developing differently can dissuade me.
  7. I tend to stare when I see another woman successfully nursing her baby in public– while standing and/or holding a conversation. It’s not that I’m a gawker; it’s that I’m genuinely trying to figure out how she’s managing it.
  8. I love to eat fudgesicles because they are a fairly low-cal dessert… but sometimes I ‘accidentally’ eat 4 at a time. Whoops.
  9. Before I was a mom, I swore I wouldn’t give my kids sugary food until they were older (like 4). But that plan has failed. One time, I even let my 6 month old try my fudgesicle. Surprise, surprise… he liked it and wanted more.

If you read through this and found yourself nodding along….you just might be ready to write a confessional yourself! I am signing folks up now!! Please contact me if you’d like to participate!!! Until next week, you have been exonerated, go and sin no more.=)