You start your day by soaring through the sky on an umbrella, decide to skip some rocks in an epic competition, balance a ginormous ice cream cone, and round out the afternoon by giving Bill Murray a run for his money as ultimate ghost buster! Sound like a fun afternoon to you? Perhaps you’d rather whack some pesky moles, fight ninjas and shoot down intergalactic aircraft, and then take a leisurely dive under the sea hunting for sunken treasure. If none of that interests you, you may like ultimate pinball, bouncing through space, and attempting to contort your body to fit through holes in the wall. Maybe you’re the type of person who likes directing balloons through a skyward obstacle course or the sort of fellow who wishes to spend their time navigating a star-ship through space. If ANY of these activities sound like a fun way to kill some extra time, you might want to check out, Wii Play Motion from Nintendo.

Rated E for everyone, Wii Play Motion is the ultimate in family gaming. You and your family, no matter how old your kids are, will find something to love about this new fun-filled variety game from Nintendo. Check out the official release video and see some of the super-fun games included in Wii Play Motion!

When you purchase Wii Play Motion, you’re not just getting one game….you’re getting TWELVE. Twelve different games are included….what a bargain, and what a way to find a game that is sure to please everyone in your household. My kids immediately fell in love with this game. This was the very first Wii game they were exposed to….and they were hooked from their first try! The games included on the disc are easy enough for a smaller child to enjoy them, but are also set up in such a way that adults and older children and teens will enjoy them as well.

My daughter (5) loved feeling successful in the single player mode. With this option, she was able to “win” every time, and feel as though she were the greatest person to ever attempt to stack ice cream scoops or hit moles on the head with a giant hammer. =) My husband and I preferred to battle each other in the dual player mode (you can also have up to 4 players compete!). I just love that there are lots of ways to get the family involved. Family game night doesn’t have to mean sitting around the kitchen table with the same tired board games…you know..the ones collecting dust…At least for us, at our stage of life, our kids aren’t ready for many of the traditional games that people think of when they consider a family game night. Our Wii and games like Wii Play Motion give US the option of having a fun game night that ALL of us can be involved in. We’re playing silly (but fun!) games and enjoying each others’ company! Who knew that skipping virtual rocks or trying to catch ghosts floating through your living room could bring a family together? (I think Nintendo did!)

As you can see, my kids LOVE to get in on the action. My son loves Veggie Guardin’ while my daughter’s favorite is Wind Runner. Again, with 12 action-packed games to pick from, everyone in the family is sure to find a game they love. This game comes packaged with a Wii Remote Plus Controller, and at an MSRP of $49.99, this is quite the package!

Veggie Guardin’: Henry’s Favorite Game

Wind Runner: Hannah’s Favorite Game

And there are TEN MORE games included! Pick up a copy of Nintendo’s Wii Play Motion today!! Change up the same old boring family game night into something that gets your family moving and having fun! For more info, head to the Official Wii Motion Website for details!