In honor of the first day of kindergarten (a momentous occasion in my opinion), I let my daughter Hannah choose a special treat for the evening’s dessert. Hannah chose dirt cups. I couldn’t believe that I’d never made these for my kids before! These are one of the most fun and simple desserts to make, and kids LOVE them!

These were so much fun to make for Hannah, and it was even more fun to see her enjoy them! To put together the dirt cups, simply make chocolate pudding according to package directions, and pour into single serving cups. Cover the pudding with crushed Oreo cookies, and top with gummy worms! Your kids will LOVE these snacks!

Almost everyone has heard of or seen a variation of a dirt cup, but awhile back when we were studying bugs in our homeschool preschool, I created “ant hills.” This was a really fun variation on the classic kid fare, and something my kids had fun helping to prepare and eat!

Here is what you’ll need to make your ant hills!

1 small package chocolate pudding (use sugar free for a healthier option!)

2 cups milk

3-4 graham crackers

handful of chocolate chips


Next, mix up your pudding, as directed on the package. I like to use my Pampered Chef mixing pitcher because my kids can get involved a bit more easily than with the electric mixer! (It is A LOT cleaner to have them help using the pitcher!)


My handsome little helper had a blast mixing up the chocolate “mud.”








Next, pour the pudding “mud” into four small cups or dishes.

This recipe makes four perfectly portioned desserts!





Next, using a food processor, a rolling pin and a baggie, or old fashioned brute strength, crumble your graham crackers into very small pieces. The graham crackers will become “sand.”






Pour the graham cracker “sand” on top of the chocolate pudding “mud.” Top with chocolate chip “ants” and you have an edible ant hill!