You may remember several months ago when I hosted the Chasing Supermom’s Idahoan Recipe Challenge! It was such an honor to work with Idahoan, and a thrill to prepare all of the wonderful recipes you submitted using one of their amazingly delicious potato products. When I was contacted once again by the Idahoan company, I jumped on the chance to try out some of their new products and to share them with one of you!

Idahoan is THE industry leader in packaged potato products. Using only 100% real potatoes, the taste of Idahoan can’t be beat. I’ve ALWAYS been a huge fan of their mashed potatoes. You can make Quesadillas, Fish Filets, Potato Rolls, Soup, and tasty Sandwich Wraps using their mashed potatoes! So much versatility and SO many flavors to choose from! I have always appreciated being able to make a quick side dish that my family will love with Idahoan. When I learned that Idahoan had developed three all new potato casseroles, I was eager to see how my family would like them, and hoped to add them to my pantry to have on hand for busy evenings.

The Idahoan company has developed three DELICIOUS and quick to prepare potato casseroles. The new flavors are Scalloped, Au Gratin, and Loaded Baked. (Seriously, how can you go wrong with flavors like those?!) My family tried the Au Gratin the night we received the samples. I am one happy mama when ALL of us are happy to eat something that is put on the table. Even my very picky three year old scooped up his potatoes happily. These are definitely a crowd-pleaser and part of the Supermom trifecta of food…cheap, easy, and the kids will eat it! Seriously, we’re busy….Moms have a TON to do, and frankly, I love having things like Idahoan casseroles on hand to whip out on nights when I don’t have time (or don’t feel like) making something from scratch. I get home-made taste in a fraction of the time, and my family enjoys the food!

The Au Gratin flavor was creamy, cheesy, and reminiscent of the type of potatoes Grandma would make for Sunday dinner. The Scalloped casserole has a nice creamy sauce with a light onion flavor in the background. The Loaded Baked was my favorite (I knew it would be, since I adore the Loaded Baked mashed potatoes from Idahoan!). It has all the flavors you love and crave in a baked potato…cheese, sour cream,bacon, chive…SO good! These casseroles made the perfect side dish for my family of two adults and two young children. We will definitely be purchasing these in the future!

One of you has the opportunity to WIN a prize pack from Idahoan and sample each of these new flavors for yourself! Good luck! This is one tasty giveaway you won’t want to miss out on!!