SO many mothers have confessed to me that they’d really like to do crafts and projects with their children, but feel they are just too craft-challenged to even try. Moms have told me that they wouldn’t know where to start, what to try, or how to turn a simple project into a learning opportunity. Many mothers have also admitted that they don’t have much more than crayons in their house, and feel that due to lack of supplies, just couldn’t make craft time work for their children. Other moms have told me that they are completely lost as to what to do with their younger children while doing school with their older children. I get asked ALL the time, “what should I do with my three year old while my second grader is working on their homeschooling?” Any of this sound familiar? Hitting home for you? Fear not! Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts to the rescue!!

I was SO excited to hear from this company, and truly feel like this is one ingenious service. I had never heard of anything like Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts, and was DELIGHTED to receive our September craft box in the mail. We have had so much fun doing the projects we received this month, and found that they were JUST RIGHT for my three year old son, and still enjoyable for my five year old kindergartner as well.

Here’s how it works:

1. Head on over to the “Shopping” page, and choose the monthly craft package that is right for you. Click HERE to see the different product offerings.  You can choose to order one month at a time, three months at a time, or choose to order the remaining months in the school year.

2. When your box arrives, simply open it up, and enjoy the 12 pre-packaged crafts that Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts has put together for you! Just about EVERYTHING you need to complete each of the 12 crafts is included. You simply need to have crayons, scissors, and glue….and that’s it! Even the most craft-challenged mom or the busy homeschooling mom with no time on her hands can do this system!!

3. Follow the SIMPLE and easy to follow instructions for each craft. This awesome husband and wife team clearly explain which supplies are needed to complete each project, and include clear instructions. All of the papers are clearly labeled, and easy to identify. This is truly a fail-proof craft/schooling system!

4. Have FUN with your child!!

This is Henry with his craft focusing on ovals. He spent so much time doing careful coloring, and really took a lot of pride in his work! He was so excited to be “doing school” just like his big sister. He displayed each craft proudly as we would finish, and is always eager to show off his work to new guests at the house. He is retaining what he has learned, and looks forward to this piece of our school time together each day. I have found that Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts is a perfect addition to our homeschool preschool curriculum, and such an amazingly simple way to get younger children involved and engaged during school time for the older students. Henry feels as though he is truly doing “school work”  and our time is better managed as he is engaged and happy. This is the perfect way to introduce a child to a homeschooling routine…easing them in with a few simple craft projects each week, and following each up with some questions and extensions of learning. I can’t say enough good things about this system!! Click HERE to purchase a month of crafts for your little one!!

AND, as a special bonus, Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts has offered a special discount code to Chasing Supermom readers!!! At checkout, simply enter the code, “supermom” and receive a $2 discount!!! You can get a whole month’s worth of crafting projects for just $16!!! Take advantage of this deal HERE!!!!

Here are some things I LOVE about Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts!

1. The crafts are JUST RIGHT for busy preschoolers. The skill level required and amount of time each project takes fits perfectly with your preschooler’s development. Younger children can complete these crafts without frustration, and can feel successful in their work (which from experience as an early childhood educator, can lead to an increased interest in school! Early successes are critical!!)

2. On the included instruction pages, there is a small “lesson” for the parent to work from, giving question ideas, talking points, and things to have your child consider as they work. This extra “bonus” is so important for moms who are just starting their homeschooling journey, or for those who tend to feel “lost” when working with their children. Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts help give you the extra little boost of confidence to get you going and make the most out of each craft activity.

3. As a pastor’s wife, and as a mom raising her kids in a Christian home, I love that several of the crafts have a Biblical focus. Children will be exposed to Bible characters, scripture, and basic Biblical principles each month. I really appreciated the crafts that allowed me the opportunity to introduce more Bible instruction into our home, rather than simply relying on Sunday school or church activities.

4. Like I mentioned above, this is the perfect way to introduce your little one to a schooling routine, or to keep them busy and working while working with an older child. I have so many moms who ask me what they should do with their younger child while doing school with an older child…This is THE perfect solution!!!! Give Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts a try. Try it for a month, and see how it fits into your routine! I know you will love it!

Click HERE to try out a month’s worth of crafting with your child! Don’t forget to enter the code “supermom” at checkout for $2 off!!