I had someone point out to me recently that I never really write about my family….and they’re right. Not posting about my life and kids has been a deliberate choice. When I started Chasing Supermom, I wanted it to be a site where moms could go to get real-world help, advice, ideas, etc. I knew my audience would reach beyond our close friends and family, and wasn’t sure that strangers would want to hear about the day to day happenings of my children, and didn’t know if personal stories and anecdotes would draw readers. However, the more I started to mull the idea of occasionally posting about my kids, family, and day to day life, ideas and thoughts kept coming to mind…Here I am touting how much I want my site to be relatable, authentic, and a realistic picture of motherhood, and I’m not sharing all of ME. I’m not giving a full glimpse into what motherhood looks like for me.

I’ve been giving you the shiny parts…the proud moments….the “best of” if you will…I wonder, just how many of us do this on a daily basis? How many of us are failing to put forth an accurate picture of what motherhood is like for us? When we’re frazzled, tired, stressed….do we let that show? Are we willing to admit that we have bad days? Are any of us brave enough to say “I lost my patience with the kids today,” or “I made my family hot dogs and french fries and I’m more than okay with that!” So many women live in fear of other women….As a group, we can be pretty unpleasant to each other. With so many women quick to pass judgement, we have learned to bite our tongue and hold back the bad days in fear of the patronizing looks, snide comments, backhanded compliments, bits of “advice” , and other such charming gestures so very commonly dished out by our peers.Why do we do this to each other? Why are we giving out horrified looks to the lady at the grocery store with the screaming toddler when that happened to us last week? Why do we feel the need to “one up” each other all the time (Ie- Mary: It was a really busy night, so we just grabbed some Sonic on the way home from soccer. Sarah: Yeah, it was busy for us too, so all I had time for was chicken parmesan, a fresh salad, and some homemade breadsticks.)

I firmly believe that if more of us were out there and honest about who we are as mothers, that maybe…just maybe…we could learn to love and support each other, recognizing that we are ALL in the same boat! Motherhood ain’t easy! (Sorry if I just burst a bubble of any pregnant first time mamas out there!) Running a house, managing the kids, working, keeping up a marriage, finding time for yourself….We have A LOT on our plate, and we are NOT ever going to have it all together. Want to know a secret? NONE of us do. So, towards that end, I want to be the first to freely admit that I am NOT Supermom. Although I’ve written to that topic before, (found HERE) I am merely CHASING Supermom, recognizing that I will NEVER be her. She isn’t real, and it’s high time we start admitting that to ourselves. Let’s cut out the high school garbage and treat each other with respect, realizing that we’re all just waking up, and trying to do our best (and realizing that “our best” will look differently, and that is OKAY!)

So yes ladies, I just may start sharing more about my kids…my family…my marriage…my life…because it’s REAL. Supermom I am not. I’m just a domestic lady with a desire to be an authentic resource. I want to start a revolution….a revolution of honesty. Let’s stop pretending we’re perfect….that our kids are perfect…that our relationship is perfect….and that we’re better than anyone else. Let’s come together and get real.