I have to say, I was pretty excited when I was contacted by LoveSac to do a review…About 99% of the things I am blessed to review on the blog are for my children…but THIS, this one’s just for me (and for YOU!) We as moms spend so little time on ourselves. It seems as though all of the “extra” we have to give (whether it be time, money, attention, etc) goes to our family. We rarely take the time to treat ourselves to something….even if it’s something we could really use! And oh….how I will use my Phur Feet Slippers!

I first heard of LoveSac several years ago, and knew they were famous for their ginormous comfy chairs. Let me tell you my friends, LoveSac is about WAY more than big high-quality seating. I was blessed to discover LoveSac’s line of SUPER comfortable yet stylish slippers! (And who doesn’t love a good pair of  high-quality slippers?!) As a stay at home mom, I wear my slippers every day…and they look that way. I’ve been walking around the house in raggedy, worn-out slippers for MONTHS. I’m unable to even go get the mail or take out the trash, as water seeps in through the soles through the numerous holes….The padding was gone, and my heels hit the floor when I walked. I NEEDED new slippers……and let me tell you...I found them!

Right now you can get a pair of the world’s most comfortable slippers for $30 off the retail price! Phur Slippers from LoveSac are now on sale for just $29!! Buy a pair for yourself HERE! Don’t we as mothers deserve a little comfort for our feet? Let’s face it…we’re on our feet practically 16 hours a day, running after kids, doing the chores, making dinner….and most men aren’t clamoring to dole out foot rubs at the end of their day….We NEED some amazingly soft and comfortable slippers for our feet!  Phur Slippers come in three different colors, Creme, Mink, and Green (I LOVE all three!), and are made from a hypo-allergenic polyester knit. With a range of sizes designed to fit women’s feet in sizes 5-14, you are SURE to find the pair that is just right for you.


I mean, just look at these amazing slippers. They are not only gorgeous, but so incredibly soft to the touch (seriously, you’ll want to sit and stroke your slippers all day), and you feel like you’re walking on pillows. Suddenly, being on my feet all day isn’t such a pain (literally!) My feet stay nice and toasty during these colder months, and I feel supported and cushioned as I go about my daily mom jobs. Phur Slippers from LoveSac are durable, comfortable, and a MUST for any mom. These would make an IDEAL Christmas gift, and with their new sale price, you can’t miss! (And slippers, are seriously an awesome gift idea for that friend or relative that has everything or that is harder to shop for…these are PERFECT!)

Just look at how awesome the slippers look in the packaging! This company pays attention to the details and knows how to take care of their customers! I’ll bet there’s someone special that you know that would LOVE to get a pair of Phur Slippers from LoveSac for a holiday gift. OR, you could actually treat yourself for once in your life! This is a purchase you can feel good about….literally! Your feet will thank you…mine sure do! I was so excited to ceremoniously toss my old pair of slippers in the trash and take my new Phur Slippers out of the box and on my tired feet. Why not head over to the LoveSac website and purchase a pair for yourself or someone you love? Buy a pair of slippers!

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