There’s no doubt about it. Richard Scarry has created some of the most beloved children’s books of all time. Who hasn’t loved pouring over his detailed vocabulary books, or adorable story anthologies with their children?! We LOVE Richard Scarry at our house, and when we discovered Busytown by Richard Scarry, we knew we had found a winner! Now, you can not only read Richard Scarry’s books and watch Busytown on tv, but you can also buy Busytown TOYS!!

Now your child can enjoy some of the most beloved characters from the work of Richard Scarry, as they zoom their adorably creative cars around interlocking tracks! Not only do the Busytown sets connect with each other, they also connect with most wooden railway sets! Your child will have hours of fun interacting with their very own Busytown world. Think of all the adventures your child can go on with lovable friends like Lowly the Worm, and Pig Will. I love toys that inspire imagination and creative play, and the Busytown Roadway Starter Set and the Busytown Fire Station Set do just that.

In the Busytown Roadway Starter Set, your child can create an oval track, and zoom along with Lowly the Worm and his apple car. Drive past the book shop and don’t forget to stop at the red light! At just $19.99, the price is right for this interactive and well-made toy. Click HERE to purchase this set, or a number of other great toys from Busytown!

The Busytown Fire Station Playset allows your child to create an oval track and race Fireman Pig around in his very own fire truck. Race out of the included fire station and help the members of Busytown! Your child will love saving the day and using their imagination as Fireman Pig saves the day. With a press of a button, you can launch the fire truck into action, open the fire station doors and turn the roof panels into stairs. My children had a blast creating their own Busytown “land” and came up with a number of adventures for their new “friends.” This set is priced at just $24.99, and can be purchased HERE.


If your children are anything like mine (5, 3, and 1), they will LOVE these Richard Scarry’s Busytown toys!! My children have spent hours creating adventures and plotting story-lines with their new play-sets and characters.Kids bring a piece of themselves to these toys and the possibilities for fun are endless! (Plus, any toy that ties into literature gets an extra amount of mom love from me!!)

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