Are you ready to explore, play, and discover the world through the eyes of tv’s most lovable four year old? It’s time again for another great Caillou review and giveaway here at Chasing Supermom. We were so thrilled with our last set of toys from Cookie Jar Entertainment and the Caillou line of products, and feel so amazingly blessed to be able to yet again get to experience Caillou firsthand.

Caillou is the quintessential preschooler….Full of energy, Caillou approaches each day with curiosity and an eagerness to learn. His imagination is larger than life and often takes him on remarkable adventures…Isn’t that what we want for our own children? Don’t we as parents want our young children to activate their minds and bodies and use their imagination and the power of PLAY? When a tv character can come to life for a child and inspire them to transform an ordinary day into an opportunity for play, you’ve stumbled upon something special…and that’s just what Caillou is. I am thrilled to make you aware of some of the other great toys that are inspired by the Caillou television show, that will hopefully spark imaginative play and a slew of adventures for your children.

We were lucky enough to receive two great toys to try out (and give to you!) The first toy is a Caillou doll. I love that this doll is a toy that girls and boys alike can love and enjoy. Standing 14.5 inches tall, this lovable friend is just the right size for young children…and perfectly huggable! Caillou’s face, hands, and legs are made of washable vinyl (a must for toys for young kids!), and his clothing is removable (so you can wash it too!) I love that kids can invite Caillou into their playrooms through this doll….With this new friend in hand, they are inspired to create games, transform everyday objects into something bigger, and go on wild adventures without ever leaving home. They see this doll, and they see a relatable character….a friend they feel as though they’ve played with before…..They suddenly want to fly a rocket ship, dig up dinosaur bones, and drive a fire truck. This little doll brings to life all of the adventures they’ve seen on the tv show, and inspires them to ACT and PLAY. (LOVE!!) I am a huge fan of toys that stimulate pretend play, and this adorable doll does just that. This doll retails for $29.99, and you can purchase one HERE!

The second toy we were able to preview, was the Caillou Learning Train. My boys (1 and 3) both LOVE trains, so  I was really excited to share this toy with them.  I was excited to find a toy that was suitable for my youngest child, that still held the interest of his older brother as well. Featuring Caillou and his little sister Rosie, this train will roll through your house delighting young ones. Caillou moves up and down as you roll the train along, and kids will enjoy making all of the sounds the train features. While the train is a bit difficult to work without adult supervision (your child will need help to wind the key that propels it forward, and the train does not work on carpeted flooring), most young children will enjoy this toy. Caillou and Rosie both come apart (so you can “build” them), the wheels move, the train cars separate, and you can even ring the bell. This toy retails for $24.99 and you can purchase one HERE.

*Both toys are currently being offered at these lower prices through the official Caillou Facebook page! Normally, they both retail for $34.99.

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One lucky reader will win BOTH prizes!! This is a $70 value, and a great giveaway from Cookie Jar Entertainment!

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