100. To a child, 100 may as well be a million. For a young child, just trying to imagine 100 of anything seems a daunting task. When asked to visualize 100 objects, a child may consider a small handful of pennies or a football stadium full of fans. Teaching a child early number conceptualization is so important, but can be so hard to do. Younger children often don’t have the patience, interest, or confidence to tackle math problems. When a children’s picture book comes along that not only inspires kids to embrace math, but also engages, captivates, and delights them….wow…you have found a keeper.

In Masayuki Sebe’s “Let’s Count to 100!”, you find more than your average counting book has to offer. As a kindergarten teacher, I’ve seen my fair share of counting books. Picture books that center around a mathematical concept are becoming more and more popular. What sets “Let’s Count to 100!” apart, is total kid appeal….This book will have your kids counting to 100 over and over again…(and then again!) Through delightfully detailed illustrations and fun surprises on every page, children unknowingly are introduced to some pretty big mathematical concepts! (Score one for Masayuki Sebe!!) Using pictures, humor, and the ever popular seek and find concept, Sebe introduces children to the number 100. Each page features 100 colorful friends, arranged thoughtfully into 10 groups of 10, easily separated and distinguishable by color, shape, etc. On each page, your child is asked to count, find, or notice something specific, keeping them actively engaged as you read. Scattered throughout the pages you’ll find bits of humorous text sure to send the 3-5 year old crowd into fits of giggles (at least if your kids are anything like mine!)The illustrations flow from page to page, as the characters recur throughout the pages, helping to again keep children connected and engaged with the text.

While my son was going crazy for the “hot dog fish”, busily searching for the child with the soccer ball, or counting up the ants carrying candy, he was learning (and loving it!) Even now as I was writing this review, my son came over and stole the book from my desk and is now happily counting objects on each page.   This book is fun, engaging, and right up a child’s alley. As your child counts adorable sheep grazing in the meadow, hunts for the hidden ladybug, and delights at the whimsically colored elephants, they will be soaking up rich mathematical information….learning and counting each step of the way. I know you’ll find 100 reasons to LOVE this oh-so-much-better-than-your-average counting book from Masayuki Sebe and Scholastic. Now, Let’s Count to 100!!

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One of you has the chance to win a copy of this book! Good luck and happy counting!!

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