I don’t know about you, but I love high quality toys. When a toy is extremely durable, made to last, AND educational….you have a sure-fire winner. TLC Woodcrafters has become an amazing sponsor of Chasing Supermom, and I feel so blessed to be able to share their custom work with you. TLC Woodcrafters creates the most beautiful customized wooden products on the market. From their signature puzzle stools, to customized theme puzzles, to adorable coat racks and bookshelves, TLC Woodcrafters always has the customer in mind and always turns out the highest quality, hand-made product.

The puzzle we were blessed to review features Mickey Mouse and friends (which are some of my children’s FAVORITES!) This puzzle shows yet again the extremely high level of skilled, detailed, and quality work that TLC Woodcrafters produces for their customers.

Each of the puzzle pieces are hand painted baltic birch (and non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about them going in little mouths!) Just check out the detail work! TLC Woodcrafters already has an incredible line of thematic name puzzles, including Sea Friends, Transportation, Flowers, and Sports (all of which are adorable!!)They also offer a full line of characters to choose from to add to their one and two name puzzles.  However, if your child loves a certain character, TLC Woodcrafters can create a customized character for your puzzle. As with all of their puzzles, you can add fun options like a display peg, custom message engraving, or even have this gift-wrapped!

Each of the pieces is raised, which makes these puzzles ideal for little ones. The raised lettering and characters allow even the youngest of children to easily grab and place the puzzle pieces. All three of my children (5, 3, 1) are always delighted with the products we receive from TLC Woodcrafters. As a parent and a teacher, I love that the puzzles and products from TLC Woodcrafters are geared towards teaching children their names. Using appropriate capitalization, these puzzles properly introduce young children how to recognize and spell their name, as well as recognize and learn the letters in their name. If you are like me and have multiple young children, you can go with the option of selecting your last name, allowing all of your children to enjoy the item. (And honestly, this toy will still be around for your grandchildren! It is JUST that well-made!)

My youngest son LOVES all of the things we have gotten from TLC Woodcrafters, and I love that he is able to manipulate the pieces on his own. Puzzles not only encourage hand-eye coordination, but develop logic and spatial reasoning as well. The vibrantly colored lettering (that comes in primary, pastel, or a singular color of your choice) attracts children, as do the delightful characters. (AND, children LOVE to see things with their own name!!)  I wish these puzzles had been around when I was a child, as I could never find anything with my name spelled correctly! So, whether you have a John or a Jasmyn, your little one will have a blast with a personalized product from TLC Woodcrafters! I know you want to ORDER A PUZZLE from TLC Woodcrafters today!!

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