Grandma’s Trunk is not only adorable (talk about super-cute packaging!), but is a five for one literacy game for the preschool-kindergarten crowd. This alphabet/early literacy game from Educational Insights (one of the leaders in homeschooling/classroom supplies and games!) packs not one, but FIVE fun, educational, and ENGAGING games into one box!

My two oldest kids (5 and 3) had a ton of fun with this game, and it has quickly become a favorite that gets pulled from the game closet on a regular basis. I loved this set of games, as they are not only educational, but allow you to work together with your child, inspiring teamwork, rather than competition. Each game is simple to play and well within the attention span of your average preschooler! I know you will have fun sorting through the learning games packed into Grandma’s Trunk!

Here are the five games you and your kids (or students) will find in Grandma’s Trunk.

1. What Comes Next

Skills:Letter Recognition, Alphabetical Order, Turn Taking

Thoughts: This game was fun to play because it was fairly quick and non-competitive. It was fun to watch the wheels turn in my three year old’s mind, as he would carefully scan his cards to see if he had the next letter or not. This game gets young learners thinking about alphabetical order, and is great practice for those children who are working with letter recognition.

2.Memory Time

Skills: Memory, Turn Taking

Thoughts: In this game, players take turns putting an item into Grandma’s trunk. On each turn, the players must try to recall each of the items in the trunk, in the order they were “packed.” My son thought it was really funny to “pack” some of the items in the trunk and we had fun trying to remember all of the crazy things we had packed for our trip. Imagine the giggles when you say, “I packed an octopus, eggs, a necklace, and a lamp in Grandma’s trunk.”

3. Grandma’s Riddles

Skills: Critical thinking

Thoughts: My favorite part of this game was watching my son’s mind work. As I would read each of the clues on the riddle cards, I could see him scanning the picture cards on the floor, ruling them out in his mind until he found just the right one. It was fun to read the most general clue, ie- “I’m something you wear”, and watch his eyes dart between the jeans, the boots, and the hat, waiting to hear the next clue. I loved that this game was challenging enough to engage my preschooler, but simple enough to make him feel successful.

4. Letter Sequence Memory

Skills: Letter Recognition, Alphabetical Order, Memory Work

Thoughts: This game is much like Memory Time, except players are to pack the trunk in alphabetical order. The alphabetical order helps players recall the items previously packed in the trunk. I loved working together with Henry (almost 4) to figure out what we had packed. “Okay, A….I packed an apple. What was B? Boots!” This game allowed us an opportunity to work together, helping each other along the way. I loved that this game allowed us to really use teamwork and work towards a common goal.

5. Grandma’s Adventures

Skills: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Pre-Writing, Story-telling

Thoughts: This game was by far the favorite of my children. It was so much fun to listen to the story ideas they came up with, and was neat to work collaboratively with them. In this game, there is no winner, as players work together to tell a story using the picture cards. As we worked together, my son took Grandma on an adventure that involved a bath with an octopus, teaching a zebra to use a yo-yo, and a giant cake for breakfast. =)

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