Ever have one of those days/nights where you’re just too tired to cook? When you’ve just had it, and you’re ready to make the trip through the drive-thru? Before you grab the keys and head out the door, consider Farm Rich. Farm Rich is a company dedicated to busy moms. Farm Rich is committed to providing wholesome, easy-to-prepare snacks that the whole family will love and enjoy.

In a house with four kids under six, dinner time is usually pretty crazy! I’m helping one child do homework while feeding the baby. I’m keeping the 16 month year old amused with stacking blocks while searching for The Fresh Beat Band on tv. When I throw dinner preparation in the mix, you can imagine the chaos…It’s hard work being a mom! Farm Rich came along at just the right time for our family! We tried the Farm Rich Meatballs AND the Farm Rich Cheese Sticks. Wow. Both products were not only super simple to prepare, but they tasted great as well!

The Farm Rich Meatballs are awesome, and the perfect thing to have on hand. These are the perfect thing to pull out of the freezer on a busy weeknight or the perfect appetizer to whip up and bring to a party or get-together. Throw these on top of spaghetti, simmer in a crockpot full of bbq sauce, or serve in a creamy gravy with mashe d potatoes and lingonberries…You really can’t go wrong! (I also love the option of cooking up just a few at a time, and serving them to the kids for an easy and nutritious lunch!) These meatballs are impossible to mess up and are far superior to other frozen meatballs on the market. Everyone in my family loved these meatballs. I couldn’t cut them up fast enough for my 16 month old!

My kids just HAD to try the Farm Rich Cheese Sticks as well. Talk about ooey, gooey, cheesy deliciousness! Again, I love the option of pulling out just enough for one meal/snack, and keeping the rest ready to go in the freezer for another day. We loved these just dipped in our favorite marinara sauce, and served them with some Parmesan chicken. This was a really fun side dish alternative, especially for my cheese-loving children! I love that they are made with 100% real Mozzarella cheese. You won’t be disappointed with these tasty treats!

Farm Rich really has you as the mother in mind as they even provide RECIPES on their site! You don’t even have to think up what to do with their products….they’ve done that for you! They’ve provided lots of great ideas of ways to deliciously utilize their wide line of products!

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Some of  Farm Rich’s most popular products include:
•       Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
•       Mozzarella Bites
•       Philly Cheese Steaks
•       Pizza Slices

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