Have a kid that likes a little flair? Has their own special style? Loves to show off their interests and hobbies? If so, you need to check out the latest trend sweeping through America’s elementary school hallways….Gutzy Gear! Gutzy Gear is a fun and affordable way to quickly give any backpack a “makeover.” This innovative and creative product allows your child to express their personality and show off their own unique style. Gutzy Gear could quickly become the new “it” product amongst school-aged children!

When I told my daughter Hannah that she might have the chance to review a product with me, she got very excited. When I showed her the Gutzy Gear website, oh how her eyes widened and her smile brightened! “YES Mommy! I really want to have those!” My little fashionista was hooked, and eagerly began looking through the different design choices Gutzy Gear offers. “I love that one!” “That one is real cute.” “Oh, and the cupcakes!” “Wait, I like the kitty!” “Can we get the boy ones for Henry?” (You get the idea…her six year old heart went pitter patter, and she happily hopped on top of this trendy little bandwagon!)

Here’s how it works!

Gutzy Gear starts with 2 backpack strap covers. These covers wrap around your child’s existing backpack straps, and will fit almost any backpack, messenger bag, or rolling backpack on the market! The straps are made from soft black fabric, and are trimmed in yellow.(Plus, you get two free surprise Gutzies with each strap purchase!!)

Now, the real fun begins as your child can select their favorite “Gutzies” from the 56 unique (and adorable!) designs offered by Gutzy Gear. Pick and choose which Gutzies you want to adorn your new backpack straps. The Gutzies work like Velcro patches, adhering securely to the straps. (My daughter has been wearing her straps and Gutzies to school for several weeks now, and they are holding strong!) Gutzy Gear knows what kids like, and their patches clearly represent what is “hot” amongst kids right now…From a cell phone to a cupcake, a skull to an electric guitar, Gutzies are all the rage, and represent many interests and hobbies.

One of you will have the chance to win some Gutzy Gear of your own!! I know your child will love sporting Gutzy Gear in the hall of their elementary school!! Check out Hannah sporting her Gutzy Gear! She LOVES it!! She was so proud to show this off at school. This morning when I told her I was giving Gutzy Gear away, she immediately got a very sad face, and said, “But I love it! Please don’t give it away!” (I explained I was giving away a DIFFERENT set, and she was okay again!) =) Your child will love it too! Good luck!!

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