Budding paleontologists and dinosaur enthusiasts the playground (and quite possibly the world) over, will LOVE National Geographic Kids, The Ultimate Dino-pedia! This book is JAM-PACKED with information, and includes so many teriffic “extras” (like a dinosaur dictionary, maps, recommended reading, and an incredible index!)

The Ultimate Dino-pedia: The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference Ever (and that just might be the case!) is a must-have for every child interested in dinosaurs. Written by “Dino” Don Lessem, this reference guide introduces a wealth of information to kids in such an accessible, eye-catching, and age appropriate way. The book (which is nearly 300 pages!), begins by teaching kids about things like dinosaur habitats, how fossils form, and thoughts about extinction. I love that the book introduces kids to real-life paleontologists, and shows what an actual fossil dig is like! (Love that kids with a passion for dinosaurs have something to shoot for!)

Of course, no Dino-pedia would be complete without a listing of the dinos themselves!! The Ultimate Dino-pedia does not disappoint, giving facts, info, and gorgeous (can I say that word about dinosaurs?!) illustrations (done by Franco Tempesta) about get this…75 dinosaurs!!! (Before this book, I could name about 20….)Each dinosaur has a full page illustration and a page of info presented in kid-friendly (yet still scientific) language. I love the fact box that appears on each dino’s page, giving you quick info, like the period the dinosaur lived, the meaning of it’s name, and approximately how big it was. (As a mom, it is AWESOME to have the answers to the typical kid-questions handy!)

My own little dinosaur enthusiast loved learning more about his favorite dinosaurs (Spinosaurus and Compsognathus), and has carried this book around since receiving it. Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or a crazy for dinosaurs kid aged 4-12, you will LOVE this reference guide (that reads like a fact-packed picture book). You can find this book in the April edition of the Scholastic Lucky bookclub flyer. One of you can WIN it!!

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