Permission….Seems silly that an adult woman would still be seeking this, but I can’t help but think that I’m not the only mother out there who searches for this. Women in particular feel some crazy need to have the approval of each other. And sadly, a lot of the time, we’re just unwilling to give our approval to anyone making a choice different than the choices we are making. I’ve seen the way politics and religion divide people, but I’ve never seen anything divide more women than parenting. We wake up every day and take on the  hardest job imaginable, just doing our best to keep our head above water and our children safe and happy. The last thing we need is to be worrying about judgement and disapproval from other mothers.

So, I am here to give you permission. As often as I can, I will be writing just for the sake of validating you….giving you room to breathe….letting you feel okay about your choices…I may cover topics that some find controversial, and that many of you may not agree with. My hope here is that at some point, each of you will feel that sense of relief, and that no matter where you are around the globe, you’ll sense that nod of approval you’ve been waiting for. I am a huge advocate for mothers….and let’s face it…mothers make different choices! I’ve said it time and again, that you need to do what works for YOU! How you diaper, sleep, discipline, feed, play with, school….those choices should be made based on what works for you and your kids…NOT based on what Judgy Judgerson down the road thinks. Everyone thinks THEIR way is the best way…..and for THEM, it just may be. However, we shouldn’t feel as though we have to do something just because it is what others around us are doing….what we feel pressured to do….I want you to feel confident standing behind the choices you’ve made for yourself and your kids.

I have felt nearly discriminated against for some of the parenting choices I’ve made, and my hope is that I can help some of you who may have felt that way before feel better….I can’t wait to begin taking on some of the decisions mothers make, and letting you know that your decision is okay! (Actually, if any choice you make works for you and your kids, it’s a great choice!) Until next time, you have my permission.