We’re a busy family, and well…we don’t get out much! So for us, a night in with Netflix is about as close to a date night as we get.  Sometimes it’s hard to know what to bother putting in the queue (or renting, red-boxing, etc). Whose review can you trust? For all I know, the person giving it four stars is a fourteen year old boy or someone with completely different moral values than me. After several bad picks, I found myself wishing I had the opinion of someone like me, to tell me what they thought BEFORE I’d wasted an entire three day mailing cycle on a movie. Towards that end, I bring you Chasing Supermom’s Netflix Review… short, to the point reviews that can help you determine what to put in the queue!

Title: Hugo

Rated: PG

Superstars: 4 1/2

Good For: Family Movie Night!

I Loved: the score! Seriously, the music in this move is amazing! I wanted to book the next plane to Paris within the first five minutes of this film! The film itself is just beautiful….The sets, imagery, cinematography….they all just bring life to the powerfully touching story.

Not So Crazy About: Hugo is a little slow at times, and may not keep the attention of younger children. This is a plot/story driven movie, and younger children may not have the attention span to follow the entire story. (Our four year old left the room after about an hour or so.)

Title: Tower Heist

Rated: PG-13

Superstars: 4

Good For: Date Night In, Nights when you want a light movie or a good laugh, people who want to “stick it to the man”

I Loved: seeing Matthew Broderick again, Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller together, and Alan Alda as a villain

Not So Crazy About: scenes that send my irrational fear of heights into hyper-drive

Title: Apollo 18

Rated: PG-13

Superstars: 1

Good For: Conspiracy theorists, loonies, and nights when your sedative/sleeping aid isn’t kicking in

I Loved: ummm…..

Not So Crazy About: wasting 87 minutes of my life waiting for it to “get good.”

Title: Our Idiot Brother

Rated: R

Superstars: 2-3ish

Good For: nights when you don’t really want to think too hard, cheap laughs

I Loved: Paul Rudd! — so wonderfully quirky and lovable, and how this movie we almost turned off due to profanity turned out to be cuter than expected

Not So Crazy About: crazy amounts of cussing coming from cute little Zooey Deschanel’s mouth, nudity, pot references