Mothers and daughters…such a complex relationship, and something that may be weighing on our minds as we approach Mother’s Day weekend. I am pleased to bring this special Mother’s Day clip to you from the upcoming film, Brave, from Disney/Pixar.  This film has so beautifully and accurately captured the roles of mother and daughter, and presented the characters as women we can relate to.

Queen Elinor is surprisingly a highly relatable character. While true that we can only dream about being a queen, Queen Elinor faces many of the struggles that today’s wife and mother deal with on a daily basis. She’s passionate, loyal, and would do anything to preserve and protect her family. However, as with many families, she carries the weight of the home on her shoulders…fighting to keep peace, maintain order, and do what she thinks is best for her child. Sound familiar?

Queen Elinor and her daughter Merida don’t always see eye to eye, but maintain a deep love for one another and for family. Throughout the movie, the passionate and spunky Merida is fighting to find her own way…her place…her destiny. Her courage, strength of spirit, and her willingness to right her wrongs are all characteristics I hope and pray for my own daughters. I am so excited for the upcoming release of Disney/Pixar’s Brave (coming on June 22nd!!), and cannot wait to take my own daughter to this movie.

Enjoy the clip and Happy Mother’s Day!!