I don’t know about you, but I LOVE online shopping! With four kids and a busy schedule, having the ability to shop for what I need in my pj’s at 11:30 at night (or during nap-time, etc) is a great option! Why would you want to attempt to wheel four kids around a store, when you can find just what you’re looking for on the computer!

Right now, my kids are all in need of summer pj’s! I was so excited when Crazy For Bargains : Fun Sleepwear for the Whole Family contacted me to do a review. This company has ALL of the latest styles and know exactly what kids want! From infants to Daddy, from slippers to robes, with all of the hottest character pj’s in-between, Crazy for Bargains has it all (and at an affordable price!

My boys were blessed to receive a set of pj’s in exchange for an honest review. My older son (4) was OVER THE MOON for his new Spiderman pajamas! Henry actually had a really hard time choosing which set he wanted, as they have a pulse on what little boys love! From Batman to Scooby Doo, from Thomas to the Justice League, Crazy for Bargains has it all! They even have style I’ve never seen elsewhere, including Lego, Dr. Seuss, and Mario! You can check out their full line of boys character pajamas HERE! Of course, they do sell pj’s for the little princess in your life as well! Check out the full line of girl character pj’s HERE! (My daughter definitely has her eye on some Disney favorites!)

This company is a small-family run business that is truly crazy for pajamas and sleepwear! They are committed to helping you find the sleepwear you need, and really have a wonderful selection! Everyone I worked with was incredibly kind and accommodating! And of course, my boys loved their pajamas and looked ADORABLE running around the house in their new super-hero pj’s!!

Harry was given the Batman and Superman Cotton Pj Set, that retails for $21.99. The set included both a Batman and Superman t-shirt and pant set of pajamas. I love seeing my little mini super-hero run through the house in these! (He is actually wearing his Superman jammies right now!) I have found in the past that with this particular style of jammies, it is better to order big, as they fit a little snug…Harry typically wears a size 2-3 T in clothing, so I ordered a 4T, and they fit perfectly.

Henry did  NOT want to take off his Spiderman jammies to go to church. He was pretty upset I wouldn’t let him wear them to Sunday school! So, the second we got home, he went and grabbed his Spiderman jammies  (Spiderman Breakout Three Piece Pajamas Set) and put them on ON-TOP of his church clothes (and then proceeded to walk around like that for the rest of the day!) The second these come out of the dryer, he has them back on. They are his new favorites! The adorable set featured above, also includes a set of red cotton shorts, which will be great for when the weather warms up!

I know you too will find just the right set of pajamas for ANYONE in your family when you shop at Crazy for Bargains: Fun Sleepwear for the Whole Family! 

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