Have I mentioned yet how EXCITED I am for Disney/Pixar”s upcoming new movie Brave?! My husband and I went to the  movies last night, and as I walked past the poster for Brave, I couldn’t help but become giddy thinking about taking my kids to see it when it comes out THIS MONTH!! (June 22nd!!)

I wanted to share a few fun Brave activities with you today, to get you excited about this upcoming movie from Disney/Pixar!

The movie Brave is set in Scotland. Prior to taking your children to see this movie, it would be super fun to spend some time talking about the heritage and culture of Scotland. One of the easiest ways to create a naturally teachable moment with your child is through cooking! When you get into the kitchen with your child, you have opportunities to talk about math, letters and sounds, as well as things like social studies, diversity, and history. Explain the steps you’re taking. Allow your child the opportunity to help….let them get their hands dirty and put their mind to work!

You can celebrate Brave by having a Scottish feast! Here are a few fun Scottish recipes!

(This actually sounds pretty good! If you’re not a fan of haddock (or can’t find it at your local grocery store!) you could substitute chicken or another white fish!)

I have always wanted to try to make a Scotch egg, and know I have a recipe! You can really pack some protein into your kiddos with this egg-filled meatball!

Your child might also enjoy staying connected with Brave online! We found an awesome set of activities this morning at our house, and my son has enjoyed “The Ultimate Target Challenge” and other fun Brave games! You can watch videos and even shop for adorable Brave products! I personally love the Merida costume! (Expect to see a lot of adorable bow-wielding girls at Halloween this year!)

Stay connected to Brave online through social media!

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See you at the theaters on June 22nd!! Tickets on-sale NOW!