My kids LOVE to carry their favorite toys with them everywhere….(and I mean EVERYWHERE!) As a result, I am constantly finding Legos in my shoes, dinos in the van, and crayons in the kitchen, and the kids have a hard time keeping track of their things! What’s a mom to do?

Neat-Oh! has developed an entire line of products that allow your kids to bring the fun along anywhere in a contained and organized way! Neat-Oh’s FANTASTIC ZipBins, are the PERFECT way to help your child not only learn to clean up and store similar toys together, but also allows them to bring the fun with them! The Zip-Bins came about when a mother and her son thought it would be neat if there was something that you could play with that would also catch and capture your toys, taking the hard (and not fun) clean-up out of playing. Neat-Oh! and the ZipBin were born, and mothers like me around the country are saying a huge “THANK YOU!”This is definitely a company that is thinking of both parent AND child!

We were blessed to receive the Neat-Oh! ZipBin Dinosaur Bring-Along Backpack, and Henry(my budding paleontologist) LOVED it!! I don’t think Henry took this backpack off for the first few days we had it! It is currently jam-packed with his dinosaurs (his ever constant companions) and I am so thrilled to have them neatly stored, but still easily accessible for him! (They really do make play-time good, clean, fun!)

Each of Neat-Oh!’s Bring-Along Backpacks (they have several different styles, including a Hot Wheels, and a doll-house backpack!) unzip into a super-fun (and easy to clean!) play-mat. These are no ordinary backpacks!

The backpack unfolds into a prehistoric world! Henry loves to set up his dinos on his play-mat!

When playtime is over, Henry can easily zip up his ZipBin Dinosaur Take-Along Backpack, and put all of his dino friends away! No more lost Triceratops or stray Velociraptors!

In a few seconds and with one easy zip, the play-mat is transformed into a super-cute dinosaur backpack!!

Henry LOVES his Dinosaur Backpack from Neat-Oh! and your child will too!!

You can find many products from Neat-Oh!, including all of their Zip-Bins in stores around the country, but you can also check out what is available for order online. Click HERE to shop now!!

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