I have an all too unhealthy love of ice cream. I could sit and eat a big bowl of ice cream every night while watching my favorite shows, and be one happy girl….However, all that ice cream wasn’t doing too much for my body, and now that I’m watching my calories, I’m looking for alternatives to some of my favorite treats.

I also love Pinterest. (Follow me HERE!) Lately, I’ve made several recipes from Pinterest and been horribly disappointed. Ever find yourself staring at a 13×9 pan of yuck and think to yourself, “How in the heck did this get 40,000 pins?!! This recipe however, was AWESOME! (I’m not providing a link back, because about 6 dozen mom bloggers have written about this…downfall of having a great idea I suppose.)

I was super skeptical, but really wanted this to work! (And it did!)  I knew I was going to love the taste, as I would fly to Anaheim this very minute just to have a frozen banana from Disneyland (well, and to ride on Big Thunder Mt. Railroad..) Even if you’re not the biggest banana fan, you just might like this “ice cream.”

This is vegan, non-dairy, non-fat, and low-cal! For every mama out there with a food allergy kiddo, this would be something you could definitely make to help your child feel like they’re getting a summer treat too! All you need is a banana.


Bananas! (I used 2 bananas to make the amount of ice cream shown in the picture!)

(Optional add-ins)

Peanut butter(super good, but note that it ups the calorie count by quite a bit), Nutella(VERY tasty!), cocoa powder (actually fairly low in calories), strawberries (holy yum), OJ concentrate ( nice tropical feel)

To Prepare

1. Peel and slice your bananas, and freeze for about an hour.

2. Place the frozen banana slices into your food processor. Pulse like crazy. (This step will take some time. Don’t freak out when it looks like banana rice. It WILL get soft and creamy. Trust the process.)

3. After several minutes of pulsing, blending, and the occasional scraping of the bowl with a spatula, you will have a nice creamy consistency. Those bananas really DO turn into “ice cream!”

4. If you are going to add in any ingredients, add them in at this point. (If you’re going for low-cal or allergen free, watch what you put in!)

5. Eat as a soft serve dessert, or re-freeze until it becomes more like a “hard scoop” ice cream. The picture shown above has about a teaspoon of cocoa powder and 2 t of peanut butter. It was SUPER good! However, the plain frozen banana ice cream was really good too! I’m not monkeyin’ around…this stuff is good! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

This is definitely a “re-pin” worthy dessert, and not something you’ll be disappointed by! Try it! It works!!!