Last night, Hannah, Henry, and I headed out to our FIRST movie premiere! There wasn’t a red carpet or any swag (well, unless you count the bumper stickers the local country radio station was handing out), but there was one incredible new Disney/Pixar film that did NOT disappoint!

We headed into the theater not sure what to expect…This was truly a Portland premiere….For those of you not in the NW, Portland’s unofficial slogan is “Keep Portland Weird,” and the movie-goers were definitely an eclectic group! From those fully decked out in Scottish garb (right down to the kilts), to David Bowie circa “Let’s Dance” look-a-likes, to moms and their kids, HUNDREDS of people turned out to get a chance to see Brave early. I was SUPER grateful that I was among the small handful of other “media” folks that got to by-pass the giant line that wrapped around the building. My two oldest children and myself headed into the theater with eager anticipation. After the Scottish dancing show sponsored by the Portland Highland Games, we finally got to don our 3-D glasses and enjoy the show! As I glanced over at my little Buddy Holly/Rivers Cuomo look-a-likes, I was over-joyed to see their faces lit up with wonder….and this was just at the previews!! (BTW, Disney has some seriously AWESOME upcoming movies….I mean, HUGE…I laughed out loud at the preview for the NEW MONSTERS INC movie coming next year! I also can’t wait to see Wreck it Ralph, which any video game lovers will thoroughly enjoy!)

As soon as Brave began, I knew it would be a Lindner family favorite for years to come. My kids are still talking all about it this afternoon, and continue to tell me how much they liked it. Even some of their imaginative play today has centered around the movie! (They have been hunting for wisps all morning!) I’m not the least bit surprised, as Brave combined humor, action, and adventure into a heart-warming tale of family, and the bonds we must fight to protect. All three of us were laughing out loud, and yes, I’m not too proud to admit, I may have wiped a tear or two away as well.  Brave is not your average princess movie, and this is not a movie about falling in love…Sure, Merida is a princess, and yes there is a castle…but this is not your typical “sit around and dream of my handsome prince” type of girl…Merida is strong-willed, spunky, bold, and courageous and her story has the power to inspire. Brave is a film that EVERYONE in the family will enjoy (moms of boys, go ahead and take them to see this movie! My son loved it!) There were laughs, thrills, and one incredible twist! (I was genuinely surprised! I’ve been sent about two dozen clips for this movie, and not one of them gave away the big plot-twist! ) Make a plan and hit the theaters with your family this summer!

Here are a few of our “favorites’ and some of the highlights of Brave!

I adored the three princes! Hamish, Harris, and Hubert are SO funny!! As a mother of two little boys, I could completely relate to their antics and hijinks!

It’s not everyday that a family film makes you stop and consider the way you parent! The film centers around the relationship between mother and daughter, and movie-goers will be able to relate and identify with both Merida and Elinor, through all of their ups and downs.

King Fergus and the three Lords are also hilarious! These four men will have you laughing out loud!

Plus, they LOVED every time they heard one of the Scottish words or phrases we’d practiced and talked about in THIS POST! Both kids would look over at me excitedly, their little mouths open, just so excited to hear the words they practiced with me for the blog! Super cute!

Brave is truly one of the best Disney films to hit theaters, and has something for every member of the family. Boys, girls, moms, dads (and apparently even hipsters, single guys, and a smorgasbord of Portland’s finest) will cheer for Brave, and find a character they identify with. I KNOW you will love Brave, and hope you make a date to go see it in theaters! Brave is in theaters everywhere THIS Friday, June 22nd! Put it on your summer bucket list and take the whole family!