Busy moms aren’t always able to keep up with all the latest movies, let alone find the time to research what’s worth watching, and what you can go ahead and skip. I have found myself scrolling through all of the choices on Netflix, not sure of what to put in our queue. It’s hard to know which reviews to trust, not knowing who the person behind the review is! Thus, I created Chasing Supermom’s Netflix Reviews. You can check out my first edition HERE!

While many of you don’t know me personally, readers can read my thoughts on our latest movie picks, and know the review is coming from a busy mom in her thirties with solid values.

And now, I give you, our last five Netflix picks..

Title: We Bought a Zoo

Rated: PG

Superstars: 4

Good For: a family with middle-schoolers +, a night where you want to watch a cute, “feel-good” movie

I Loved: how highly quotable and inspirational this movie is! “All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.”

Not So Crazy About: A PG rating (same rating as Shrek), where there is still some actual swear words (and not just things like “idiot”, “stupid”, etc.) I would not let my kids watch this movie due to a few “sh bombs” dropped in the movie. Parents should be aware of the language before selecting this for family movie night.


Title: Taken

Rated: UR (But I liken it to a PG-13 or R rated movie)

Superstars: 3

Good For: a movie with the husband…something you’ll both like….nights you want to grip the couch..

I Loved: Liam Neeson….a man with an accent that can hunt down bad-guys? Sign me up! I also loved that the film demonstrated how deception doesn’t pay…(Granted, you may not end up being captured by people wanting to use you for sex trafficking, but hey…same lesson. Don’t lie…bad things happen.)

Not So Crazy About: having slight paranoia about my children being kidnapped after watching this movie. (Can’t really blame my neurosis on the movie though…)

Title: Man on a Ledge

Rated: PG-13

Superstars: 4

Good For: movie date night!

I Loved: the suspense, bits of uncertainty, and acting chops of Sam Worthington and Elizabeth Banks

Not So Crazy About: the unnecessary oncamera undressing of Genesis Rodriguez…seriously, I don’t need to feel inferior while watching a suspense movie…underwear and buns do not have a place in every movie Hollywood!

Title: What Happens in Vegas

Rated: PG-13

Superstars: 2.5ish

Good For: nights you want to watch a movie and not have to pay attention to it, people who can’t follow complex story-lines and/or plot twists, and women with crushes on Ashton Kutcher

I Loved: ummmmm……The likability of Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher (and seeing him with an age-appropriate woman) make this film bearable and “cute.”

Not So Crazy About: yet another extremely predictable romantic comedy that the average 6th grade girl could have written….

Title: The Vow

Rated: PG-13

Superstars: 2.5ish

Good For: girls night, nights you’d like to be depressed and contemplative

I Loved: the idea of this movie.

Not So Crazy About: the ending…Really large amount of women insane about this movie? Really? Channing Tatum does not make up for the ending you’re longing for and do not get…Sue me…I like neatly wrapped up endings. (This doesn’t have one.)