Summer is in full swing, and by now, you may find yourself struggling adjusting to having the kids back at home. You may be reading about all of the different things other moms are doing to keep their kids on track this summer. Coming up with a full-blown curriculum may seem daunting, but one thing that is SUPER easy to incorporate into your day is READING!

The great thing about reading to your kids is that it can happen anytime! You can read before bed, after breakfast, out on the deck….and you can read anything! Read a childhood favorite to your kids or discover something new. Start a series. Read a book that your favorite movie was based on. Your kids will benefit in so many ways from your time spent reading to them. Help build their fluency, vocabulary, and create a life-long learner with a LOVE of literacy (two of my top-five goals for my own kids!)

Back in April, I published my most popular post to date, 100 Chapter Books You Must Read to Your Kids! (Thanks to all of you who pinned it or shared it!!) I shared my picks for the 100 best books for 5-10 year olds, featuring books from my own childhood, books before my childhood, and some brand new titles as well.

I made a realistic goal for myself, to read FIVE books on the list with my kids over the course of the summer. We are currently about two chapters away from the first on our list, and we are anxious to select book number two! Back when I made the list, I created a printable version for myself, and to distribute at a speaking engagement. This printable version will allow you to have a quick and handy reference for book picks. Print it out and tape it to the inside of a closet or cupboard, and cross off the titles as you read them. I hope to read all of them to my children before they turn 10.

Take the list to the library or put it in your purse when you go shopping. Scan the shelves of the library or your favorite book or thrift store (my favorite place to look for books), for these titles. Even if you haven’t heard of some of the titles, you’ll have a reference point, and know they come recommended.

So, print this out, and start READING!!! You are in for a world of discoveries, adventures, and top-notch quality time with your kids! Who needs top of the line pinterest crafts or expensive outings when a new experience is just a page away?!

100 Chapter Books You MUST Read to Your Children! Printable List!!

Let me know what YOU are reading with your kids this summer!