Every night, the aroma of a grill wafts into our yard. When it’s hot, no one likes to be stuck inside in front of the stove, so we hit the backyard and fire up the grill. The next time you channel your inner Bobby Flay, don’t reach for the hamburgers or hot dogs. Instead, try this SUPER easy and incredibly tasty grilled tarragon chicken.

My mom and I found this recipe years ago (back when I was still a kid at home!) in a little 20 minute cook book. It instantly became a family favorite. I adore tarragon, and love the flavor it brings to this dish. It is also mild enough to please younger (pickier) eaters!

Here is what you’ll need for this very quick to throw together dinner!


chicken (I use boneless, skinless breasts or tenders, but you can use whatever part of the bird you like to grill.)

honey mustard (or, you can obviously mix your own)

olive oil

tarragon (fresh or dried)

To Prepare

I’m pretty sure that unless I’m baking, measuring is against my religion…Basically, you can eyeball this recipe, and it will turn out fine. If you are the measuring type, you can follow this recipe:

1/3 cup honey mustard

5 T olive oil

1 T tarragon

Mix the ingredients together in a small mixing bowl. Reserve a few tablespoons of the sauce for basting while grilling.

Marinate your chicken in the sauce for at least 20 minutes. (I typically marinate for several hours.)

Grill it up! Baste on some of the reserved sauce as you grill!

You’re gonna love this grilled tarragon chicken!!