Today’s post doesn’t feature a great recipe, a hot new product, or words of encouragement for the frantic mom. There won’t be a pinnable image, a list to print, or an idea to inspire you. Instead, I want to share with you my heart regarding Chasing Supermom, and my commitment to you, my amazing readers and the Chasing Supermom community of parents.

A few weeks ago, Chasing Supermom turned two. Two years ago, I was just a mom sitting at her computer with a love of writing and the desire to encourage road-weary moms. I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined the blessings that would follow….and I’m not talking about the corporate partnerships or the “stuff” I’ve received. Those things are great, but frankly, I’m not in this for the stuff. I’m in this for you.

It’s true. I’m still crazy passionate about writing. Aside from  my faith and family, nothing else makes me happier. However, as I’ve worked to develop Chasing Supermom, I’ve discovered another deep passion….and it’s for YOU. God has given me a heart for women…a heart for mothers…I started my blog when I began to realize I was in a crazy pursuit of the “Supermom” title. Ridiculous expectations, rampant comparisons with other women, the guilt monster, a sense of purposelessness, and a need to be everything to everyone overwhelmed my life. I was discouraged. Weary. Exhausted. I realized that more than anything, I wanted validation. I craved the relief of knowing I was not alone. Been there? This is where I’m at. I want to encourage you. Uplift you. Relieve you. You aren’t alone.

I hope you’ll let me be honest here as I move forward….I need to be simple. As I’ve thought about my blog and what I want it to be, I’ve realized that I need to be true to where I’m at. Those blog posts with 50 recipes, activities, crafts, etc. complete with pictures, links, the whole nine yards…to tell you the truth…those posts overwhelm me….as a blogger AND as a mother. When I see a list of 50 crafts to do with elbow macaroni, anxiety starts to rise. I begin to feel guilty that my children have never played with elbow macaroni. I start to believe that I must be a terrible mom. Here’s the thing…I don’t want to feel that way, and the last thing I want to do is make any of you feel that way.

I crave simplicity. As a mom of four with a hectic writing schedule, I NEED simplicity. I’ll bet you do too. Whether you have one child, or fifteen, your life is tough. So, here’s my promise to you…I’m going to bring you simple, everyday ideas. My goal is to provide ideas that ANY mother at any stage of life could pull off without stress. One simple idea doesn’t overwhelm me. Simple ideas are doable….realistic…easy. Moms don’t need complicated. Moms don’t need to feel “less than.” We need to feel like the rock-stars that we are.

I am committed to posting things that will help and not hinder…ideas that will inspire and not overwhelm…words that will lift you up…things that will make you smile…laugh at yourself….promote healthier relationships with your kids and spouse…more of my faith…more of my real life…easy, simple,words that are true to the crazy journey that is motherhood.

Above all else, I want to be here for YOU. I want to grow with you. Share with you. Laugh with you. Grieve with you. Join with you. Moms are the strongest people I know. When joined together…..think of the things moms could accomplish. I will be seeking out ways to grow our community. I have the best readers out there, and I am daily inspired and blessed by you.

So, like I said…today’s post won’t be pinned, won’t go viral, and isn’t jam-packed with tips and tricks. I hope that’s okay. Thank you for coming on this journey with me, and for allowing me to evolve and change, posting and sharing what is on my heart, and what I believe is best for today’s mom. Your support means the world to me, and I want to bring a taste of simple (and crazy blessed) motherhood to you.

Humbly, with love and respect,