I’ll admit it…I’m a huge mac and cheese fan. And, when it comes to macaroni and cheese, nobody does it better than Kraft. While I am known to make the “blue box” variety of macaroni and cheese for myself now and again, Kraft has come out with a quick and tasty mac and cheese lunch for grown-ups! (Although my kids would TOTALLY eat this too!)

Now you can get the great taste of Kraft Homestyle Mac and Cheese in a single serving microwaveable bowl! The convenient bowls come in three great flavors: Sharp Cheddar and Bacon, White Cheddar, and Hearty Four Cheese. The bowls feature hearty ridged noodles, tasty toppings like bacon or breadcrumbs (for just the right amount of crunch and texture) and that creamy cheesy sauce you know and love. These bowls are perfect for the busy professional to throw in their briefcase or bag in the morning. What a perfect lunch! I had the White Cheddar bowl for lunch today, and loved that I didn’t have to dirty a single dish! I had a great and filling lunch, and didn’t have to clean up! (Score one for me and Kraft!)

These delicious Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Homestyle Bowls are ready and waiting for you…in under five minutes! You can find these at local grocery store everywhere. For more information, and to stay up to date on the latest product offerings and news from Kraft, follow Kraft Macaroni and Cheese on Facebook!

I know you will love this new product from Kraft (one of my all-time favorite food companies!) They are the macaroni and cheese leaders, and are giving one of you the chance to try the new line of Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese Bowls! You can win one of each of the three delicious flavors! Which will be your favorite?

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