If you’re a family with teenage children, keeping them all happy on  vacation could prove to be a nightmare – a teenage girl might want to soak up some sun and wear a fashionable swimsuit, whereas a teenage boy might want to try his hand at different sports! Thankfully, there are a range of very cheap vacations available from helpful sites like Holiday Hypermarket that can help satisfy everyone, including kids and their parents.

Staying in the UK:
I have always wanted to travel to the United Kingdom! It is on my bucket list for sure! If you wish to stay in the UK, a holiday park could be a catch-all
solution. Traditional camps such as Butlins have everything you need on-site, and you can self-cater for fussy eaters. Camps like this often have pools and crazy golf courses, and they all have evening entertainment. Some even have on-site ice rinks, and a select few hire in the latest pop acts. If the budget can stretch to it, try Center Parcs, which has lots of different sports and relaxation on offer.

Short city breaks and day trips are also an option – the UK has plenty of zoos, tourist attractions and theme parks, and many websites and
magazines have two for one or kids go free deals over the summer. Vouchers are an excellent way to get your hands on a range of very
cheap holidays. Some newspapers run a scheme where you collect tokens to redeem, or have a look at your supermarket loyalty card to see if
you can exchange points for vouchers towards a holiday or Air Miles if you’d like to go abroad.

Traveling In the States:
If you would prefer to jet off to sunnier climes, check with a travel agent about which resorts are family-friendly and do some on-line
research to get the cheapest flights. Many Mediterranean resorts have tourist watersports on the beaches, so this could keep both boys and
girls entertained. Family resorts such as Disneyland may also still appeal to teenagers – deep down we all have our favorite characters –
and they are often attached to other attractions such as Epcot which will appeal to older teens.

Communicate with your kids. By asking them honestly what they want out of a holiday, the entire process can be made easier and everyone will
have a great time.

*This is a sponsored guest post. I received compensation for posting this article.