Halloween is just a few short weeks away, and if your children are anything like mine, they are already talking about trick or treating. However, heading to the store and shopping (and paying for!) multiple costumes can get pricy. I wanted to share a few great DIY Halloween costumes that you can piece together from things you already have at home. Who needs spendy (and over-done!) store-bought Halloween costumes, when you can come up with something cute and original just by raiding your dress-up bin and using a touch of creativity?!


1. Handyman (Bob the Builder or Handy Manny)

  • Overalls or carpenter style jeans
  • Flannel or plaid shirt
  • Play construction hat, tool belt, and tools

*You can use a tool box as your candy bag!!

(And yes, I’m that mean mom who makes her kids wear a coat!)

2. Ballerina

  • Pink tights (or leggings if you’re in a cool climate)
  • Tutu
  • leotard (or pink/pastel top)
  • hair in a bun

3. Athlete

  • Sports uniform (basketball jersey, soccer shirt with shin guards/cleats, Dad’s old football jersey with white sweatpants, helmets, padding, etc.)

*You paid all that money for those uniforms…why not pull double duty!

4. Cat

  • Black long-sleeved shirt
  • Black pants or leggings
  • Black shoes
  • Black headband with attached felt triangles (hot glue two felt triangles to a dollar store or old headband!)
  • Use face paint/washable mascara to create a black nose and whiskers

5. Superhero

*This costume can work without the expensive store-bought outfit! If your child has super-hero pj’s that are still in good condition, throw them on! (Most younger kids don’t like to wear masks or things on their head anyways!)

6. Farmer/Scarecrow

  • Overalls
  • Straw Hat
  • Flannel/Plaid shirt
  • bandana

*You could use an old pail (to look like a milking pail) for a candy bag!

*To transform a farmer into a scarecrow add…

  • add a few felt “patches” to the elbows and knees of the above outfit
  • draw on a red nose, and some “stitching” for the mouth
  • Put some pieces of hay/straw up under the hat
  • gloves (if they’re not too hard to wear and carry a bucket/bag)

7. Princess

  • any frilly/fluffy dress or tutu-like skirt with top
  • fancy “sunday school” shoes
  • costume jewelry (big beaded necklaces,earrings, large fake rings, etc.)
  • crown or tiara (very readily available at just about any dollar store, party store, etc.)

8. Cheerleader

  • Shirt from favorite sports team, local high school, elementary school, etc.
  • Tutu or cute skirt in matching colors
  • leggings underneath skirt
  • pom poms (many local high schools sell these for very cheap! Go in and ask the office! Dollar stores often carry pom poms as well!)

9. Mickey Mouse

  • Mickey Ears (if you’ve been to DL or DW, you likely have these!)
  • Long sleeved black shirt
  • Black pants
  • red shorts on top of the pants
  • white gloves


Other Ideas

  • Medical Profession (borrow scrubs w/ a toy stethoscope around the neck)
  • Business Person (collared shirt, tie, glasses, carry a briefcase, pencil skirt, business suit, etc.)
  • Hippie (borrow some clothes from someone alive in the 60’s-70’s! I used to love playing dress-up with my mom’s old high-school clothes!)
  • Rainbow! Wear multi-colored  striped top, pants, add in a rainbow tutu, fun colorful shoes, etc. Wear colorful hair bows, or put washable color in your hair!
  • Frazzled Mom (curlers, bathrobe, slippers)
  • Old Lady (gray wig, frumpy dress, “sensible” shoes, use an old fashioned style purse for the candy bag)

Remember that ANYTHING goes these days! Play around with what you have, and get creative! If you don’t have any great dress-up clothes, ask around! Borrow from your friends and family! Do a costume swap with a group of your friends. You don’t need to pay retail for Halloween costumes! (You can also score big on next year’s costumes by shopping the Halloween clearance!!)

Have fun trick or treating DIY style!!

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