Ezekiel cried “Dem Dry Bones!” We’re talking about BONES today! I wanted to share a round-up of fun BONE activities for kids, just perfect for a preschool or kindergarten unit, or a mom who just wants something fun (and just a tiny bit spooktacular) to do with her kids! I’ve found the best crafts, games, and food for you to share with your little skeletons!

1. Bone Activity Sheet (+ bonus songsheet and lyrics or “Dem Dry Bones!)

This is a great beginning bone sheet that helps young learners identify parts of the body on a skeleton. The sheet doesn’t use “fancy names” (ie-says “leg” instead of “femur” etc.)! You will need to create a free account at www.kididdles.com to download the sheet (or their other great material!)

2. Play a Skeleton Game!

Have some online practice naming the parts of a body using a cartoon skeleton. Once you master the human skeleton, you can practice on various animal skeletons.

3. Make a paper skeleton!

Not only will your kids love hanging Mr. Bones on their bedroom door during the Halloween season, but they just might learn a thing or two as you figure out how to piece these bones together! (Don’t you just love it when learning is fun too?!)

4. Make a Q-Tip Skeleton

Q-tips are now much more than ear cleaners my friends…they also double as a rib cage!

5. Make  a Spaghetti Skeleton! (Aka-It’s Fusilli Jerry!)

I love this. Not only does this pay an homage to Seinfeld (fans will understand), but it uses up pantry ingredients to make an adorably spooky craft!

6. Gingerbread Skeletons!

This is such a cute idea! What a fun way to make a beloved cookie suitable for October!

7. Veggie Bones!

What a cute way to display your veggies! Kids will think it’s great to eat a celery leg or a mushroom pelvis!

8. Watch Disney’s Dancing Skeletons short!

9. Check out this list of great skeleton and bones books!

10. Assemble a skeleton!
Kids can either label bones or assemble a full skeleton like a puzzle! (Not gonna lie, this is good practice for adults too!)

No bones about it, (I couldn’t help myself), these are some great skeleton activities! I hope you and your little skeletons have fun creating and learning together this Halloween season!

Keep coming back every day during the month of October for fun family activities, fall food, and lots of crafts and learning activities to do with your kids!

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