I am SO excited to be able to share another weekly homeschooling unit with you.This unit is awesome for moms who are trying to do home-school preschool with their child, or simply a mom who is looking for a few fun pumpkin activities to make the fall season more festive! This unit has a lot of GREAT printables (found at the top) and my lesson planner for extra ideas!  I am trying out a new format, and hope you like it! I wanted to make everything as accessible and simple for a busy mom as possible, and wanted to include LOTS of printables for you to use!

Here is a copy of my weekly planner for you!











Printables for the Preschool Pumpkin Unit

5 Pumpkins Blackline Master: 5 Little Pumpkins (This is an Adobe file)

Template for Witch and Moon (This site has templates for the pumpkins as well. I just thought the above pumpkins were cuter!)

How a Pumpkin Grows Booklet

Trick or Treat Number Matching : Trick or Treat Number Matching Worksheet

Pumpkin Observation Chart: Pumpkin Observation Chart

Pumpkin Graphing (And a bunch of other pumpkin printables can be found HERE! The blog author asked that we not link directly to the PDF file, so you can click through and see what you’d like to use!)

Haunted House Dice Game (Ignore the directions at the top! Have your child roll either one or two dice (they’ll need to figure out they’ll have to do both to fill in the whole sheet!) When a number is rolled, have them color in the appropriate window on the haunted house! You can print out more than one to play a “game” or simply use one as a number recognition tool. Haunted House Dice Game

How Many Seeds in the Pumpkin Game (You need to supply your own number cards): Pumpkin Seeds

Five Little Pumpkins Poetry Page (have your child illustrate the poem!) : Five Little Pumpkins Poem

 How Many Pumpkins Worksheet

Five Little Pumpkins: Emotions

Pumpkin Review Mini-Book (the, on, pumpkin) : Pumpkin Review Book

*Feel free to use the printables above. When sharing, please give credit to whomever created the document. Help Chasing Supermom by “pinning” this weekly unit if you find it helpful!

Info on Activities


KWL Chart: Stands for What do you KNOW, What do you WANT to Know, and What Have you LEARNED? Fill in the K and W on Monday, and fill in the L on Friday

Print out the Five Little Pumpkins Poem paper. Today you will just read the poem with your child and practice it a few times. Make up your own hand motions for fun! (And it helps with memorization!)

Print out the How Many Pumpkins Worksheet. Have your child circle the correct number of pumpkins pictured. Cute and easy.

Print out the booklet, “How a Pumpkin Grows”. Talk about the word “the”. Have your child underline the word “the” every time it appears in the book. Read through several times for enjoyment as well.

Print out How Many Pumpkin Seeds. Using number flash cards, have your child place the correct number of seeds on the pumpkin mat to match the number card selected. Increase or decrease the number of seeds based on your child’s individual learning needs.

Begin George’s Marvelous Medicine. (This is a wonderful little chapter book with lots of illustrations. I however, like to “edit” as I read any of Roald Dahl’s books aloud. Watch out for half-cuss words like “stupid,” etc.)


Print out Trick or Treat Number Matching. Have your child match up the numeral to the correct number of pieces of candy.

Writing: Have your child write or dictate a story about their pumpkin. Encourage them to use detail! They can even write a fiction piece about their pumpkin. Let them be creative, and there are no wrong answers!

Folder Work: Have your child color the book, “How a Pumpkin Grows”  (I like to use Folder Work time to settle and re-focus a child after a period of activity, recess, lunch, etc. It’s a quiet activity that can usually be done independently.)

For reading today, focus on the word “on” in the book, “How a Pumpkin Grows.” Underline the word each time it appears.

Print out Pumpkin Graphing, along with the corresponding die. Play this fun game with your child, which introduces them to a bar graph.


For warm-up, brainstorm a list of Fall words with your child! (Let them be creative!)

For Thematic Art, print out the Pumpkins Blackline Master, as well as the Witch and Moon Blackline Master. Have your child color and cut out the figures. We cut strips of brown paper and glued them onto a sheet of black construction paper to make the gate. Then, we glued the pumpkins onto the gate, and glued the witch and the moon in the sky. I typed out the poem, and we put the poem on the page as well. It turned out SO well!

For Folder work today, Have your child construct the “How a Pumpkin Grows” booklet. Have them do the cutting and gluing, and piece the pages together.

In reading, focus on the word “pumpkin” in “How a Pumpkin Grows.”

We will be making sugar cookies today! I will be getting out all of my fall cookie cutters and allowing my son to cut the cookies, and decorate them as well. Cooking is a HUGE learning opportunity!


We will be making pumpkin pie playdough today! Use THIS recipe, except use 2 t of pumpkin pie spice, and red/yellow food coloring. Smells DELICIOUS!!  Allow for some good sensory play!

In Free Art, I will provide various papers (white, colored, patterned), stickers, googly eyes, sparkles, pipe cleaners, markers, crayons, etc. and will let my son make any type of pumpkin he likes. Again, there are no wrong answers! Art does NOT have to be uniform!

For a review reading lesson today, print out the Pumpkin Review Book. You can either leave it as a worksheet or turn it into a little book. This book reviews the words, “the”, “on”, and “pumpkin.”

Henry will be free-reading my stack of Halloween and pumpkin books today. Allowing a child who cannot read on their own to “read” books is critical! Teaching them to use their imaginations and the pictures to create meaning is a wonderful literacy skill. I will also be encouraging him to find the words “the” , “on” and “pumpkin” as he reads, helping him to feel successful when he does!


Print out the Pumpkin Observation chart. Use a pumpkin that you have, and allow your child to make observations about it.

We will be practicing writing the letter P. I don’t have authorization to give you a copy of the curriculum we’re using, but there are TONS of great handwriting resources on the internet.

Print out Five Little Pumpkins Emotions page. Have your child draw the correct facial emotion to go with the emotion word. You can talk about each emotion and what makes them feel that way as you work.

Have your child read “How a Pumpkin Grows” on their own today. If they are successful, have them practice reading it to another member of the family as well. Work through the book with them, if they still need help, offering support as needed. Try to get them to read the words, “the” , “on” , and “pumpkin” on their own.

Print out the Haunted House Dice Game. Like I mentioned above, ignore the directions on the page. Have your child roll one or two dice (and let them figure out they’ll need to do some of each!). As certain numbers are rolled, have them color the  corresponding window on the haunted house. Print two or more to play “competitively” , or use one to simply teach number recognition in a fun and creative way.


Enjoy this week of pumpkin activities! I know we are!!


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