How many of you have ever felt like things could be better in your marriage if only you understood where your husband was coming from….what he was thinking…what he needed…? I know I have. Author and speaker Rick Johnson has written a fabulous resource for wives. His new book, “The Marriage of Your Dreams:A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Her Man,”

The book is separated into categories, discussing the way men think,feel, act, etc. in relation to his parents, communication, work, sex, his needs, his desires, etc.

I found a few of the chapters to be particularly relevant, and held onto a few  nuggets of truth that could ultimately be game-changers in our marriage.

On His Work

“How a wife supports her husband’s work is very important.”

In this chapter, I gained powerful insights regarding the way men view their jobs. Rick clued women in that a man will literally work himself to death, even risking his health and happiness in order to provide for his wife in the manner she deems necessary. (This means, that if we as wives are constantly complaining about not having enough money or “stuff,” our husbands will resist a job change, even if his has become unbearable, stressful, no matter if a new one (with perhaps less money) would improve his quality of living. Our husbands will sacrifice themselves to make us happy. We need to be intuitively aware of ou husband’s job satisfaction, happiness, and overall health.

“Discontentment sends messages of inadequacy while contentment projects satisfaction. A wise woman recognizes the difference between those messages and encourages her husband to make decisions that will benefit HIM and their RELATIONSHIP in the long term”

These were convicting and powerful words that spoke volumes to me about the way I speak out our finances and my husband’s career.

On His Need for Respect and Admiration

Men need respect more than they need love. As their wife, we are in a powerful position, holding within our hands the ability to love and support, or discourage and knock down.

“”There are few things an authentically masculine man will not attempt to accomplish or endure if he knows he has a supportive wife who believes in him.He will withstand anything life dishes out if he has his wife there to encourage him.”

I could literally quote this ENTIRE chapter! After reading this particular section of the book, I wanted to run to my husband and tell him how much I appreciate and respect the things he does for our family….letting him know I believe in him. My highlighter went nuts during this chapter, as I bulked up on ways I could be a better encourager and supporter of my man. This chapter alone is worth the price of the entire book.

I could literally give you about a hundred quotes, but I was reminded time and again of ways I could better meet my husband’s needs. I appreciated insights into the way men sometimes speak and act. I was convicted. I was uplifted. (And yes, I may have cried….but I learned not to  bother my husband about that!)

I hope you will take the time to check out “The Marriage of Your Dreams: A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Your Man,” by author Rick Johnson.

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May God bless your marriage as you seek out ways to better uplift, support, and encourage your husband and build your relationship.