My children and I had the opportunity to fly with the fairies at a special sneak preview screening of Disney’s Secret of the Wings. This is the fourth full length animated feature in the Tinkerbell franchise, following Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure, and Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue. The Secret of the Wings does not disappoint, and brings to the screen all of the magic, wonder, and enchantment a child could hope for!

In this new full-length animated feature, Tinkerbell (in true Tink fashion) sneaks away to the winter woods (a big no-no for a warm fairy!) While helping the animals cross over to winter, Tinkerbell (full of curiosity and tenacity) hopped into the snow, and noticed something special about her wings…they sparkled! Upon doing some research, Tinkerbell discovers that The Keeper, who lives in the winter woods, knows the secret of the sparkling wings.  With the help of her friends in Pixie Hollow, Tinkerbell sneaks away into the cold snowy world of the winter fairies, determined to discover what made her wings sparkle. What ensues is a delightful journey jam-packed with surprises, magic, and just enough adventure to keep your sons happy too!

Tinkerbell discovers she has a twin sister! Two fairies born of the same laugh! Periwinkle and Tinkerbell become fast friends, and join together along with their fairy friends to save Pixie Hollow! This is one enchanting adventure sure to delight young children. Both my six year old daughter and four year old son loved this movie, and used the film to spark many creative play ideas, story lines, and art projects. I highly recommend adding Secret of the Wings to your home video library.



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