Who did God call YOU to be?

How many times have you allowed yourself to feel:


less than?

not good enough?

like a failure?

How much time do we waste worrying, fretting, and putting ourselves down because we’re not someone else? The path God has put you on is different than the one I’m walking. My life doesn’t need to look like yours…and it won’t. When we try to walk the path of someone else, it’s like trying to walk a balance beam in rain boots three sizes too large…it’s tricky, unstable, and just doesn’t feel right.

Each of us will face a unique set of circumstances, trials, successes, setbacks, losses, and triumphs. My day…my work…my choices…my life…will be different. God designed it that way. Did you know you are given your life for a reason? YOUR life. Not hers. You are where you are on purpose. We need to OWN the path we are on, and make the choice to flourish. [tweetherder][/tweetherder]

When you feel yourself start to become upset that you’re not more like HER, what you should start asking yourself is why you’re not okay being YOU. [tweetherder][/tweetherder]

I’ve spent so much time trying to be someone I’m not. As a blogger, mother, wife….I will only truly succeed when I accept who God has called ME to be, and make the choice to claim who I am with wild abandon. Are you claiming who YOU are?