This morning as you scroll through social media, likely over your morning cup of coffee as so many mothers do, you’re feeling something. Everyone is reacting. People are celebrating. People are disappointed. Cheers. Tears. Praise. Disgust.No matter who you are, or what color your state turned, you’re reacting. You’re feeling. And you think you’re right.

There’s a reason people tell you not to discuss religion and politics amongst friends…it’s divisive…ugly…painful. During an election year, we find things out about our friends that we wish we hadn’t. We rack our brain in an attempt to figure out WHY they believe in, support, and vote for certain things.

This morning, as that mom you’re struggling to understand is scrolling through her social media feed, she is also packing lunches, changing diapers, snuggling babies, and planning next weekend’s birthday party. She tucks her kids in each night with love, feeling like the most blessed mom in the world. She doesn’t wish a doomed society and a life of poverty on her children. She worries about her children’s future, and is doing her best to raise caring, honest, and loving people. She’s not so unlike you.

The thing is, as mothers, we’re the same. Your political affiliation does not determine your quality as a mother. Your religion does not determine the quality of your parenting. We ALL love our children. We ALL want the very best for them. Red state or blue state, excited or disappointed, we ALL went to bed last night wanting the very best future for our kids.

I’m asking moms to come together today, and agree to be purple. Red moms and blue moms coming together in a beautiful purple union. The other side? They’re not evil. They aren’t bad parents or bad people. They’re parents, who just like you, want nothing more than to raise happy, successful, and loving children. I don’t care how you voted…we want the same things. All of us love our children. All of us have their best interest at heart. Let’s agree to love and support each other as parents, put aside our differences, and focus on what makes us so alike. Be purple.