I can still remember Christmas morning 1985. I was four years old, and I received one of my favorite presents of all-time. For the longest time, I’ve wanted my children to have the opportunity to have the same experience. That Christmas, I got a playhouse made of cardboard. I loved it. I remember spending afternoons curled up inside with a stack of books. It was a space of my very own.

As I was searching the internet for cardboard playhouses for my own children, I stumbled upon My Very Own House. My Very Own House offers adorable, affordable, and best of all…easy to set up, cardboard playhouses for kids. Their products were designed with kids AND parents in mind, using sturdy cardboard, attractive designs, and simple construction.


A few years ago, I was asked to review a similar product. I spent close to two hours trying to put the thing together, and  quickly gave up on the idea of ever putting it away. I chose not to write a review (taking Thumper’s advice..) When I saw on the My Very Own House website that their playhouses are SINGLE PIECE construction and set up quickly, I was sold, and eager to test their claim. The day I set up the castle from My Very Own House, I was delighted to find that all of their claims are true. The castle was pre-assembled and in one piece. All of the playhouses simply pop open and are ready to go in under five minutes. My Very Own House is THE industry leader in cardboard playhouses. Other brands are dangerous with exposed tabs, sharp edges (trust me, I had massive paper cuts), and are flimsy and weak. The playhouses from My Very Own House use solid construction and are EASY to put up AND put away! When the kids have spent the afternoon in their playhouse, I can easily fold it up and store it for another rainy day. It stores easily under a bed, behind a dresser, or in the closet. The kids have fun and I stay in control of the family room! A few simple folds will take you from play to put-away!


My Very Own House also has a great variety of playhouses! In addition to the castle, they offer a pirate ship, grocery store, and cottage. Check out all of their fun playhouses HERE!  Each of the playhouses features adorable designs for your child to color. (They even include the markers!) Your child will love coloring in all of the fun designs, and decorating the inside of their house as well. They even have a “Hide and Seek” playhouse that allows your child to search for hidden items tucked away into the charming design.


All of the playhouses are sized right! All of the standard playhouses are just right for 1-2 younger children. (I was able to sit inside the Castle and the Hide and Seek, but I took up a lot of the room.) If you are looking for a playhouse for an older/bigger child, I recommend getting the Cottage. This is a LARGE playhouse, standing at 4 ft tall! Your kids will LOVE that they can stand up and walk around this playhouse. If your kids are anything like mine, they will quickly set up their own little house, and fill up their cottage with pillows, blankets, and toys. My kids have also taken to eating their lunch inside their house!


We surprised our 2 year old with the Castle for his birthday. Harrison has spent the majority of his time in his playhouse since then! Whenever we can’t find him, he’s in his castle…along with a handful of cars, books, and his trusty blanket. My oldest child did her homework in her brother’s castle and even our baby girl likes to crawl inside and play! These playhouses really do appeal to all children, and are priced right! At just under $30 for most varieties (the cottage is just under $40), these playhouses make the perfect Christmas gift. Use these for a present for one child, or surprise a family of children with a playhouse as a group gift!


This is one of those companies that I literally cannot say enough good things about! My Very Own House definitely makes my list of favorites! (And I’ve reviewed a lot!) They are affordable, adorable, and created with kids and moms in mind. My children were OVERJOYED by their playhouses and have spent HOURS enjoying them. These are the perfect gift, and I hope you will support this growing business.

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